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Hercules of Houston is a family-owned and operated business that has been providing quality cross-country moving services to the residents of Houston, TX, for years. We are a locally based moving company, which means that we are familiar with the area and can provide you with the best possible service.

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The mother of all questions in the moving industry! But before that, you need Houston local movers to help guide you through this rocky and often stressful experience.

With decades of experience serving the wonderful residents of Houston, TX, no one understands the unique needs and challenges of locals like Hercules Movers & Packers!

Let’s get to know Houston better before deciding which neighborhood to move to.

skyline of houston txpopulationPopulation and Profile of Houston, TX

With a population of roughly 6,707,000, Houston is the largest city in Texas and the fourth-largest city in the United States – behind New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Living in Houston, you understand the allure of this city – from its uniquely southern charm to rich heritage and colorful nightlife.

Houston, Texas, possesses what is arguably some of the most unique nicknames throughout the United States, including “Bayou City,” “H-Town,” and, of course, “Space City.”

In addition to being the home of Space Center Houston, Houston is the city where President John F. Kennedy announced we would be sending a man to the moon.

There is no denying the city’s fascinating cultural history – which is why you plan to stay put!

neighborhoodWhat’s the Best Area to Live in Houston?

Wondering where to live in Texas? We’ve got insights!

Whether you are a current resident looking to find a safer area to call home or simply want more information about the best neighborhoods in Houston, Hercules Movers & Packers can help you make the right choice for your family.

Let’s start by answering a simple question: What exactly makes a “good” neighborhood?

The requirements are simple! A good neighborhood will be safe, have access to quality schools, offer affordable housing (or at least quality housing at various price points), and have access to hospitals and medical centers.

Of course, there is that intangible feeling that a house, apartment, or neighborhood will feel like home.

Whether you are purchasing a house or renting a small apartment, here are a few of the best and brightest neighborhoods throughout Houston:

  • East End – Perfect for sports fans and outdoor lovers alike!
  • Washington Ave – The ideal place for anyone who wants to cool off from a long hike at a hip local brewery.
  • University Place – A quiet neighborhood with great schools.
  • The Heights – Are you very single and definitely ready to mingle? Young professional adults are flocking to the Heights because of its eclectic nightlife.

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expensiveWhat is the Most Expensive Part of Houston to Live In?

Is Houston expensive? No, not really!

As a matter of fact, Houston’s overall cost of living is the second lowest of the 20 major metropolitan areas in the United States.

Of course, this doesn’t mean some Houston neighborhoods are more pricey than others. If you want to find affordable housing, steer clear of these expensive Houston areas:

  • Piney Point – This high-end area is home to some of Houston’s most expensive houses. The median home sale price is $3,250,000 – a rise of over 75% over the last ten years.
  • River Oaks – Located south of Buffalo Bayou, River Oaks has a mixture of 1920s and 1930s-style mansions. Some of the best private schools are located in the River Oaks area.
  • Tanglewood – A short commute from downtown, Tanglewood is an attractive area for young professionals. The area boasts some of the best high-end restaurants in the city.

Are you ready to call a glitzy area of Houston home, but you don’t know where to begin?

First-time moving? Here are tips for new movers.

walkingWhat is the Most Walkable Suburb in Houston?

The notion of living in the suburbs and commuting to the city is not a new one.

However, unlike other residents, your requirements for finding the ideal laid-back suburb to call home are slightly different – You want to know which is the most walkable suburb in Houston, Texas?!

  • League City – Want to spend your Sunday afternoons hiking through well-groomed trails? League City is a few miles from downtown, but it feels like a world away from the hectic vibes of city life.
  • Pearland – A traditionally quaint small-town minutes from downtown, Pearland is a picturesque suburb that is the perfect place to walk your dog and wave to your neighbors!
  • Sugar Land – Want the perfect suburban paradise where your kids can safely run and play? Sugar Land is an oasis featuring several walking trails and tree-lined streets where you can take a quiet walk after dinner.

Don’t pack your walking shoes just yet! Let the pros at Hercules help you pack without pulling out your hair! Dive into creative packing hacks to save your sanity.

move to art area

theatreWhat is the Artsy Area of Houston?

From the incomparable Museum of Fine Arts Houston to the Menil Collection and the amazing Contemporary Art Museum Houston – Houston, TX, is a place where you can indulge your curiosity for artists and artwork.

Houston is known for its deep ties to space travel and enthusiastic sports fans – but you want a more quirky, eclectic area of the city to call home.

Here are the most uniquely artsy, wonderfully trendy neighborhoods in Houston:

  • Montrose – A magnet for hipsters, Montrose is the quintessential quirky neighborhood. Picture mural-covered buildings and artsy cafes, and you will have a clear picture of Montrose.
  • Museum District – As the name suggests, the Museum District is home to some galleries and Museums throughout the city, including the Contemporary Art Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts.
  • West University – Walk a few streets over from the Museum District, and you will wind up in the West University area. The area is home to several quirky boutiques, upscale restaurants, and Rice University.

Are you ready to pack up and move to one of the culturally eclectic areas of Houston? We can help you master the art of packing cardboard boxes for a move.

fast growing neighborhoodWhat is the Fastest-Growing Neighborhood in Houston?

Houston is, not surprisingly, one of the fastest-growing cities in the entire country.

It would make sense you would want to stay put, or if you live within a 50-mile radius of the city, find a local moving company in Houston to help you pack up and relocate to one of the city’s burgeoning neighborhoods.

Here are a handful of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in Houston:

  • Timbergrove – Part of the Lazybrook/Timbergrove area, this flourishing neighborhood offers the ideal mixture of affordable housing, busy restaurants, and parks, making it a great place to raise a family.
  • Midtown – Located smack dab in the center of the Houston loop, Midtown is a highly sustainable area with a high walkability score. With a population of around 10,000 residents, the area has enjoyed 50% population growth over the last ten years.
  • Braeswood – An area with highly-rated public schools, Braeswood is located in the center of Harris County and has a population of over 17,000 residents.

The neighborhood provides the perfect mixture of hearty urban nightlife and laid-back suburban safety.

Ready to call one of these fastest-growing neighborhoods home? Discover the best moving solutions at Hercules.

hercules movers and packers
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hourlyWhat Do Most Houston Moving Companies Charge Per Hour?

Unlike long-distance moving companies, which charge by the overall weight and cubic feet of your household belongings, local moving companies charge an hourly rate.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $109-$279 per hour as a base rate for your local moving costs.

Of course, there are other factors to consider. For example, you will typically pay more if you plan your upcoming move during the summer.

For the best prices, plan to move to your new house during the late fall or winter.

Curious about moving costs in Texas? Here is a comprehensive guide to help you financially plan for your upcoming relocation.

ratesWhat Are Your Hourly Rates in Houston?

Great movers will provide you with a transparent price structure in addition to excellent service!

Be aware that in addition to the hourly rate charged by local movers in Houston, There’s a three-hour minimum plus travel time.

Hiring Houston movers can be confusing, especially if this is your first experience and you are concerned with finding an affordable professional moving company.

We can help you get a clear idea of moving company costs in Houston.

movers at work
We will tailor our manpower based on the scope of your move

two man2-man crew

If you have a smaller home or apartment and only require the assistance of a smaller moving team, you can expect to pay $119-$139 per hour.

three man3-man crew

At Hercules Movers and Packers, we provide excellent customer service and will pack and load your moving truck in a timely manner. For larger homes that require a three-person crew, you will pay $179-$199 per hour.

4 men4-man crew

Before you panic and ask yourself, “How will I pack all my belongings in a short time,” you will receive exceptional service from a four-person crew.

You will pay $219-$229 per hour for the additional help. Need to move quickly? Check out our same-day movers in Houston.

calendarWhat Day is the Cheapest to Hire Houston Movers?

If saving money is at the top of your list, a few moving industry insider tips can help you plan the most affordable move possible.

For example, did you know when planning local and long-distance moves, one of the easiest ways to save money is to book your moving date for Monday-Friday?

Want to learn more about the overall cost of moving? Get insights on mover costs in Houston.

Hercules movers
Hercules Movers are your one-stop-shop for trucks, movers and drivers. our relocation services are tailored to each home!

herculesHercules Movers and Packers: A Moving Company in Houston

What do you want from a licensed moving company in Houston, Texas?

Chances are the answer to that simple question is a local moving company that is incredibly professional and provides excellent customer service.

At Hercules Movers & Packers, our team takes pride in everything we do.

When you hire us to coordinate your local or long-distance move, you can rest assured we will work tirelessly to help you save money while enjoying a stress-free experience.

moversProfessional Movers with Decades of Experience

Want excellent service at a fair price?

This unbeatable combination can only be achieved by a company in Houston with years of experience working with the fantastic people in Houston.

At Hercules, we are a crew of professional Houston movers with the knowledge, know-how, and expertise required to plan and execute any local move successfully.

Planning a local or long-distance move? Trust our long-distance movers in Texas for a smooth transition.

packing boxes
Packing properly can truly be an artform!

packingFree Packing Materials: Let’s Make Your Local Move Stress-Free

Did you know the average owner of a three-bedroom home will spend more than $500 on packing materials alone?!

At Hercules Movers and Packers, we are proud to be one of the only local moving companies in Houston to offer free packing supplies to our customers.

Simply include professional packing services in your free estimates to see how much money you can save.

All you need to do is pay for labor – we will handle the cost of materials and take on the hassle of packing boxes!

Opt for our professional Hercules packing services for a hassle-free move.

chooseHow to Choose a Houston Moving Company: The Entire Process

Whether you are moving just a few items across town or are relocating a massive house across the country, you need to understand your needs and what the process of moving entails.

The moving process can be complicated, so here is one way you can simplify it: Whether you are moving to Boston, Los Angeles, Seattle, or Jersey Village, always choose a professional moving company that is locally owned.

If you want quality, professional moving services from a company that knows your community, always receive a free estimate from your locally owned and operated moving provider.

moving needsUnderstanding Your Moving Needs

Start small by asking yourself: What are my moving needs?

For many, this is as simple as understanding the difference between a local and long-distance move and understanding just how harrowing and complicated the experience will be.

houston 50 mile radius
Anywhere outside of a 50 mile scope of Houston would be considered long distance

long distance movingLocal vs. Long-Distance: What’s Your Move Type?

The difference between a local and a long-distance move is straightforward:

Local moves are relocations within 50 miles of your current location.

If you are moving more than 50 miles away, you will require the assistance of a long-distance Houston team.

At Hercules Movers and Packers, we provide both long-distance and local moving services – and so much more!

Learn who we are at Hercules and our commitment to excellence.

estate cleanout iconEvaluating the Size and Complexity of Your Move

The size and scope of your move will also impact the price.

Typically, short-distance moves require less planning and are logistically far less complicated.

On the other hand, long-distance moves are more complicated and have more moving parts – especially if you need to declutter, have pets, or require additional services, such as a storage unit.

Are you overwhelmed by the mess and need help organizing your stuff? Here are some simple tips on what to declutter before moving from Houston.

researchResearching the Basics

With all the long-distance and local movers in town, how do you find a great team that is also reliable, trustworthy, and reputable?

licenseChecking for Proper Licensing and Insurance

All local and long-distance movers operating in Texas must be licensed through both the United States Department of Transportation and the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. The company will display this license on their trucks and any paperwork.

Don’t hesitate to ask about which type of insurance the moving service carries.

A reputable moving company will, at a minimum, carry automobile liability, cargo coverage, and workers’ compensation coverage.

top local movers in houston

reviewReading Online Reviews and Testimonials

A great way to discover the most reputable moving company is to read online reviews.

It is definitely not a waste of spare time to peruse popular rating sites, including Yelp and the Better Business Bureau, to narrow down your options.

peer reviewAsking for Recommendations: Friends, Family, and Neighbor Weigh In

Want to know why truly sets Hercules apart from the other movers in Houston: Our commitment to excellence and customer service.

Simply ask your friends, family, and neighbors who we have had the pleasure of working with.

You will quickly realize that when it finally comes time to plan your next move, you can trust your loved ones who recommend Hercules Movers and Packers.

estimateGetting a Clear Quote

Movers who do an awesome job will always pride themselves on transparency. This is why you must learn how to read and understand your free estimate when hiring a locally-owned moving business.

price structureUnderstanding the Pricing Structure

In addition to charging hourly for a local move and by the mile and cubic feet of household belongings for a long-distance relocation, there are other fees you will be charged.

For example, as outlined above, you will pay a set free per hour based on your household size and the number of movers required to pack and relocate your home.

Of course, your estimate will include other fees, including storage services.

If you’re moving to or from an apartment, labor fees for use of the freight elevator may apply

elevatorHidden Fees to Watch Out For

Reputable movers will be upfront about additional fees you will be charged throughout the move. Here are a few standard fees you may be charged during your relocation:

  • Fuel surcharge
  • Busy location surcharge
  • Delay of date surcharge
  • Distance surcharge
  • Elevator or stair surcharge

Are you concerned about hidden fees and weighing the pros and cons of hiring a Houston moving company vs. renting a truck? At Hercules Movers, we can help you understand the difference and much more, allowing you to stay updated with the latest Texas movers’ news.

in homeThe Importance of In-Home Estimates

During your relocation, you will assigned a moving coordinator. In addition to helping you through every step of the move, this coordinator will provide you with a free estimate on all your moving needs.

Read this in-home estimate carefully, and don’t be afraid to ask questions about every charge.

Your moving coordinator is an invaluable source of information on everything moving-related, including giving you tips on what to keep and throw away during a move and surprising things your movers can do for you!

packing boxes
Packing properly can truly be an artform!

moversServices Offered: Beyond Just Moving Boxes

An “OK” moving company will safely get your boxes from Point A to Point B. A great one will help you with every step in between.

packing boxPacking and Unpacking: Is It Free?

Packing services is a fantastic service most moving companies offer. If you simply don’t have the patience, energy, or time to fill boxes, let one of our expert packers take on this Herculean task for you!

In addition to packing, our team of experts can help you learn how to purge your house before moving.

storageTemporary Storage Solutions for Transitional Moves

Unfortunately, not every move is straightforward. Maybe your apartment isn’t quite ready, or you had to sell your home ASAP to accommodate a new job opportunity.

Whatever the case, look for a moving company in Houston that offers temporary storage rather than purchasing long or short-term storage separately.

Bundling your storage, packing, and moving expenses can save you money, and who doesn’t love to save some cash on their relocation expenses?

When you work with Hercules, you can safely secure your belongings with our storage facility in Houston, TX.

You can also trust our Houston antique movers and storage for your precious items.

fragile parts
Your fragile parts are in awe hands with Hercules

fragileSpecial Handling for Fragile or Valuable Items

Speaking of specialty items, what does your grandmother’s collection of porcelain dolls and your massive 85-inch QLED television have in common?

Both can be easily damaged if you don’t work with the right company.

For unique items, consider our specialty movers in Houston, TX. You can trust our fine art movers in Houston with your masterpieces.

In addition to handling valuable specialty items, we provide one-of-a-kind services for larger, bulk items.

piano moversLet our Houston piano movers handle your musical treasures.

The Better Business Bureau are the recognised symbol of excellence in consumer advocacy!

reputationEvaluating the Company’s Experience and Reputation

When moving, you want to have such a good experience that you brag to family and friends. The best way to achieve this goal is to work with an experienced, established company in your area.

length in businessHow Long Have They Been in Business?

Although it might seem like a simple question you would probably overlook, always ask the company how long they have been in business.

Established companies have a better reputation and a refined skillset that only comes with years of experience.

Incidentally, the pros at Hercules Movers & Packers have been providing quality service at a very affordable price for decades!

damagesHandling Challenges: How They’ve Resolved Past Issues

A moving company is only as good as how it treats all its clients – even when their clients are completely satisfied. While scrolling through reviews, look for people who had a complaint or an issue and how the company resolved that issue.

Were the moving trucks late? Did something valuable get lost, stolen, or broken? How did the company handle these unexpected mishaps and unforeseen issues?

awardsRecognitions and Awards: A Testament to Quality

Does your moving company have an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau or BBB website?

Are you searching for local movers with multiple 5-star ratings across Google?

Awards and accolades are essential in any good company and should never be overlooked. Do you know what else you should always pay attention to?

The importance of working directly with an award-winning company rather than a third-party moving broker?

We can help you learn how to protect yourself from a moving broker.

moving blankets
All your furniture will be blanketed and padded to prepare it for the long distance transit

safetySafety and Security Measures

Quality movers will have a set of safety protocols to protect you, your moving crew, and your belongings.

Moving companies will always go the extra mile to ensure none of your stuff is damaged during transit – including utilizing moving blankets, providing high-quality packing materials, and an array of specialized boxes to snugly protect everything in your home – from your television to your mirrors and family photos.

It is imperative to protect your belongings if you are moving to another state, so explore our cross-country movers in Texas.

trainingTraining and Background Checks for Movers

Safely and quickly loading and unloading boxes is an art form, and you need to work with a company that provides extensive training to all employees.

Additionally, look for a Houston-based moving company that performs extensive criminal background checks on all their employees.

The best way to determine if these two critical steps are taken is to ask. Feel free to inquire about the training and vetting process for the workers transporting your precious and expensive belongings.

moving truckTheir Equipment: Modern and Well-Maintained?

Visit the moving company’s headquarters and ask to tour their facility. Check out their equipment, including the moving trucks.

Are the trucks modern, maintained, and clean? This might seem insignificant, but how the company cares for their equipment will give you a good indication of how their team will care for your belongings.

Properly-maintained equipment is essential when handling bulk items, including heavy furniture. Wondering about the necessity of having furniture movers near you?

We can help you understand why hiring professional movers with the proper equipment to relocate furniture is critical.

customer serviceFlexibility and Customer Service

From your baker and doctor to your dentist and landscaper, you always want to work with professionals who provide outstanding customer service.

In addition, when it comes to a mover, always look for a company that is flexible and can handle any special needs and concerns.

cancellationRescheduling and Cancellation Policies

Accidents happen, and hiccups occur. Maybe you had a family emergency or need a couple more weeks to pack up your stuff. Ask the movers about their cancellation policy and if they have any flexibility with your moving date.

Most quality movers will accommodate any last-minute issues and will be glad to work with you to find a moving date that is more realistic.

piano moving
Moving special articles, such as pianos, is standard for Hercules Movers!

grand pianoHow They Handle Special Requests

Do you require last-minute commercial moving services in addition to your residential services?

Do you need to postpone the moving date or have a grand piano that needs to be handled with extra special care?

Quality movers will easily handle all your special requests -including your commercial moving needs.

When you work with Hercules Movers and Packers, we will help you shift your business seamlessly with our commercial moving company in Houston, TX.

communicationCommunication: Keeping You in the Loop

Communication is critical, and if you have any concerns, questions, or complaints along the way, the movers should be readily available to handle any of these requests.

Often, the best communication between movers and their clients is the tips and tricks they have learned over years of helping hundreds of families relocate.

For example, are you feeling overwhelmed? Here’s where to begin when your house gets messy!

move day
Our team will get straight to work, prepping and loading your furniture!

Preparing for Moving Day

Moving day is fast approaching, and you are over the moon at the prospect of starting a new adventure in a new city.

Proper preparation is critical; the right moving company will help ensure you are ready when the trucks pull into your driveway.

move dayWhat to Expect on the Big Day

The movers will arrive and greet you with a can-do attitude! You will discuss the moving plan and provide the movers with detailed instructions on everything that must be loaded onto the trucks.

A thorough inventory of your belongings will be taken to ensure everything is accounted for during and after the move. The movers will wrap your furniture, including couches, appliances, and dressers, to protect them from damage.

Before you know it, boxes, furniture, and household items will quickly be removed from your house or apartment. Don’t blink because it will be over before you know it!

petsTips for a Smooth Moving Experience

Moving day can be chaotic, especially if you aren’t prepared. It is critical to start planning several days before the big day to ensure the entire experience is as stress-free as possible!

Declutter with our junk removal services in Houston, TX. Removing excess clutter will provide a clear path for movers, which will cut down on avoidable accidents.

Make a plan for your kids and pets. Your curious little ones and dog or cat pose a hazard for movers.

If you cannot find a friend to watch your pets or kids, keep them in a space that is separated from the action.

moving boxYour Role: How to Help Your Movers Help You

In addition to keeping your rambunctious kids and pets in a separate room, there are several ways you can help ensure the movers can effectively do their job. Before moving day, pack everything carefully and label any boxes clearly.

When moving day arrives, be available to answer questions and provide clear instructions on how you want to pack your truck.

unpack boxPost-Move Considerations

Just because the movers have unpacked the last box and brought in the final piece of furniture doesn’t mean the process is over. There are several steps you need to take.

For example, after the move, unpack and organize like a pro!

You need to take several post-move steps to ensure that you, as a customer, are always completely satisfied.

damagesAddressing Any Damages or Issues

If anything is damaged during the move, immediately note this damage. Snap several photos and write down the extent of the damage. Alert your moving company about the damage and file a claim.

If you have separate third-party moving insurance, you must also contact the insurance company.

review on google
Don’t forget to leave your feedback on our Google page!

feedbackLeaving Feedback and Reviews

You had an amazing experience, and want to ensure that everyone knows how wonderful the moving company was. Were you satisfied with their customer service? Was the price outstanding?

Voice your opinion on popular rating websites, including Google Business Listing, Facebook, and Yelp.

moverStaying Connected: Future Moves and Referrals

Feel free to keep in touch with your Houston moving company! You’ve been through a significant life experience with them, and you might need to work with the team in the future!

As a Houston business, your moving company will also greatly appreciate this continued support and may offer discounts on future moves!

call Hercules movers
Call the professionals at Hercules Movers today! We’ll have a free, no-obligation quote ready for you in no time!

call us today to schedule an appointmentReady to Plan Your Local Houston Move? Look No Further than the Pros at Hercules Movers & Packers!

Are you ready to move your home with our residential movers in Houston? Contact us today for a free quote and some beneficial advice on your next local or out-of-state move.

We will help you through every step of the process, from the initial consultation to unloading the final box in your new home!

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