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What Is Specialty Moving?

Based on data from the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA), about 20 percent of all moving customers require specialty movers for their next move. This could be down to a range of elements, such as the need for specialized equipment or handling, a large volume, fine art or antique furniture, or because the client is relocating a long distance.

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Specialty Moving Services

Let’s suppose you are one of the many people in the Greater Houston area who need specialty moving services. In that case, it’s essential to do your moving industry research and find a moving company that can meet your specific needs.

Ask around for recommendations, read online reviews, research what type of moving trucks are used, and compare pricing before hiring your team to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Choosing The Right Moving Company

When selecting a specialty mover, be sure to ask about their experience with moves of similar size and scope. When looking for a Houston, TX moving company, there are particular virtues that customers must look for. The most important integrity is trustworthiness.

The moving company must be trusted to handle your belongings with care, especially specialty items. The moving crew should also have a good reputation for being reliable and efficient throughout the entire move. It is also advantageous if the moving company has a good attitude and is willing to work with you and your schedule.

Hercules Movers – We’re Here To Move Your Specialty Items!

Fortunately, families in need of specialty movers in Houston, TX, can turn to Hercules Movers. Hercules Movers is an experienced full-service mover with enough experience in specialty moves to get the job done and ensure a stress-free move. With several specialty movers on staff, we are ready to meet all of your moving needs.

What Type Of Things?

It can be hard to pinpoint that which is considered a specialty item. This is because there are so many different items that can be considered specialty items.

Some of the items that we consider specialty items include pianos, pool tables, and safes. These items are often more oversized and more challenging to move than traditional furniture and require particular loading space in the truck.

The most crucial part is that they also require extra care and attention to ensure that they are moved safely and without damage.

At Hercules Movers of Houston, TX, we are happy to explain what constitutes a specialty item, what special equipment needs to be involved, and offer some examples of our moving services.

Pool Tables

Pool tables are delicate and need to be handled with care when they are moved. This is because they need to be disassembled and packed in a certain way to avoid damage. The unpacking of pool tables must be done with the same professional courtesy.

pool table moving company


Pianos must be handled by professionals who know how to secure them safely. This is because pianos often need tuning after moving to their new location and can sustain damage if not carefully loaded into the moving truck.

Examples of pianos in your everyday residential house include:

  • Spinet Pianos
  • Upright Pianos
  • Organs
  • Baby Grand Pianos
  • Grand Pianos

Hercules Movers of Houston, TX, will go the extra mile to make sure the most careful and efficient way to move a piano is executed, so they aren’t damaged during the moving process.

piano moving company houston


Many residential homeowners take pride in their safes. Because of this, they don’t want their safes to be mishandled.

Safes are some of the most delicate and difficult items to move. This is because they often weigh several hundred pounds (the average gun safe stands at 500 lbs) and require special equipment and human resources before moving companies can begin moving them to their new location.

When moving a safe, our guys use roll dollies, c-clamps, and straps, so the safe isn’t damaged during the loading or moving process.

Examples of safes in your everyday residential house include:

  • In-floor Safe
  • Gun Safe
  • Fire Proof Safe
  • Cabinet Safe

Hercules Movers can also help move your safe into your new apartment either here in Houston, TX, or elsewhere. To ensure a smooth and hassle-free relocation, our services include our guys taking service elevators to avoid using the stairs and promise a safe move.

Our experienced and helpful team at Hercules Movers understands the difficulty in packing and moving safes. They will always take care and handle them with professional courtesy to ensure that they aren’t damaged during the move.

safe movers in houston


When it comes to relocation, an antique is considered one of the specialty items worth moving with care. There are a few reasons for this. First, they are high-value pieces, generously insured, and need to be handled in a careful and courteous manner. In other words…in a box!

antiques movers houston

What Types?

Some home items are considered antique and may need special materials by moving companies. Examples of antiques include furniture, art, and clocks. If you have any queries about whether or not an item is an antique, it is best to consult with a specialist.

TLC Required

Additionally, they may require additional packing materials and transportation services to ensure they arrive at their new house in the same condition as when they left.

Finally, many moving services don’t have the knowledge or experience necessary to pack and move antiques safely and securely. That’s why it’s essential to deal only with local movers in Houston that specialize in professional antique moving services when you need to move these items.

We Got You Boxed

Our guys at Hercules Movers of Houston, TX, will use wooden crating or cardboard crating box techniques to secure them. Our moving services include packing and transporting your high-end valuables most efficiently, so you can be assured that your precious goods will always be in safe hands.


If you are looking to move a motorcycle in Houston today, you will need to find a moving company in Houston, TX, specializing in motorcycle transportation. Most moving companies cannot directly ship cars, but they can smoothly move motorcycles!

motorcycle movers houston

We’re Ready To Ride

If you’re looking for a motorcycle mover, look no further than Hercules! Our Houston team of experts are the best movers to pack up and load your bike into the moving truck for relocating.

Boxed Up

When you hire Hercules Movers to relocate your motorcycle, we will place it in a sturdy cardboard crate for safety. The box will be secured to our moving trucks with straps to not move around during transport. We have been moving motorcycles for many years, and we know how to handle them safely. All part of the service!

The Bottom Line

What Do Moving Companies Charge?

Hercules Movers will be very clear and professional about all the extra charges that might come up during your move. They will list everything in your free moving quote, so you know exactly what to expect.

Sometimes when you move, there are extra charges for relocating specialty things. This could be down to packing, heavy lifting, or another form of additional service our guys have. Here are some examples:

Bulky Overhead

Suppose you have a bulky specialty item that cannot be stacked while in our truck; you may be charged a bulky charge. This ensures that our movers can safely move your item without running into any problems.

We also do not want to stress these items by stacking anything atop them. The resulting overhead space must be accounted for in your quote.

Soft/Wood Crate Packing

Hercules movers take pride in ensuring that your specialty items are packed with the utmost care before relocating. To do this, we must charge a packing fee to cover our moving services.

Our team of professional service providers will take the time to ensure that every item is wrapped either in cardboard or placed in a sturdy wooden box while still in your home in Houston, TX.


When you’re moving, anything that’s worth more than $100 per lb is considered a high-value item and should be insured for its total value. This includes furniture, electronics, appliances, and any other valuable possessions.

By ensuring that your high-value items are properly insured, you can rest assured that they’ll be protected during your move, which is the most important part.

All of the top moving companies in Houston, TX, offer their own full value protection policy, and our guys at Hercules Movers are no different. Our moving services come with full value protection, which means that you don’t have to worry about shelling out extra cash for third-party insurance fees.

We will strive to be courteous and helpful in breaking down all the charges for these services in your quote and promise no hidden fees!

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Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, this is your first move, second move, office move, or simply your next move, contact our office in Houston, TX today and request a free quote.

Our team of professional movers offers services that are second to none, and we offer storage and packing solutions in addition to excellent quality moving services for your belongings.

Our Reviews

Steve L.“I Call Them Shark Movers!”

“I needed to contact a Houston mover to get a pool table shipped over to my bar in Sugar Land, TX. After vetting a few businesses, I opted to hire Hercules. They’re located not far from me here in Houston, and when I needed to request a quote, they sent a representative out to me to check out the table.

She was really courteous and explained how many boxes they would use to crate up the pool table once it’s disassembled. She left me her contact details so I wouldn’t have to speak to multiple people if I call in.

Hercules is by far one of the top moving companies I’ve seen in Houston for years. All their boxes were sturdy and unused, and they did great work packing up and loading my pool table to be shipped. I’d recommend them to any Houston businesses looking for smooth and efficient quality of service!”. – Steve L.

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