Creative Packing Hacks: How to Fit Your Life into Boxes (and Save Your Sanity)

Unpack and Organize Like a Pro

Moving can feel like a daunting task, from finding the ideal moving company to fit your needs and budget to actually signing on the dotted line and scheduling your relocation. Unfortunately, packing is one of the most stressful and unavoidable aspects of moving.

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The average homeowner requires anywhere from a single day to multiple weeks to completely pack up their life. If you are planning a move and don’t want packing boxes and totes to disrupt your life and drain your patience completely, there are several ways you can save your sanity while preparing for your upcoming relocation.

Here are a few simple organization and packing tips to help you thoroughly prepare for your upcoming move without sacrificing your sanity.

moving boxes
Moving boxes are going to be your bread and butter over the next few weeks!

Start With the Basics: Gather Your Packing Supplies

First and foremost, before you start emptying any dresser drawers or closets, gather all the necessary packing supplies you will need. There are several websites that can help you estimate the number of boxes, rolls of packing tape, and feet of bubble wrap you will need to pack up your home completely.

As a general rule, here are the packing and moving supplies you will need to pack up your home successfully:

  • Cardboard boxes, including smaller boxes, large boxes, and wardrobe boxes
  • Packing tape and tape dispenser
  • Packing paper
  • Plastic wrap
  • Bubble wrap
  • Universal tool set for disassembling furniture
  • Plastic baggies
  • Heavy-duty trash bags
  • Markers and labels

Additionally, there are several supplies that will prove invaluable when the moving truck arrives, including a furniture dolly, furniture blankets, and cargo straps.

moving boxesFind Cheap or Free Packing Boxes

At some point during the packing process, you will stand back and all yourself, “Where can I find all those boxes I will need to pack up all this stuff?” Luckily, you don’t need to spend a small fortune on boxes – both large and small.

Your local grocery store or home improvement store is a great place to score large boxes. Inspect the boxes to ensure there is no damage or severe staining. Small boxes can often be inexpensively purchased at big box stores, as well. In many cases, the grocery store will let you take as many boxes as you like.

Check your local Craigslist or ask friends and family if they have cardboard boxes they are willing to give away. You can often get free boxes at your local recycling center.

save moneySave on All Your Packing and Moving Supplies

The cost of moving and packing supplies can add up very quickly. If your budget is strained, purchasing bulk packing materials is a great option. Instead of shopping at a big-name home improvement store, you might be surprised to see several packing essentials, including tape and bubble wrap, are sold at your local dollar store.

plastic binsRent Plastic Moving Bins

It’s a little-known secret that several moving companies will rent plastic moving bins for moving. There are even companies that specialize in renting plastic containers and boxes. Do your homework to determine if there is a plastic bin or box rental company in your area. Rates will also differ depending on the time you rent the boxes and the size of the bins and boxes.

time to pack
The more time you give yourself to pack, the fewer mistakes you will make

Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Pack

As a general rule, you need to give yourself at least six to eight weeks to pack. Depending on your schedule and the size of your home, you may require even longer. The last thing you truly want to do is scramble to fill boxes at the last minute.

Declutter, Declutter, and Declutter Even More

No one wants to pack boxes for several hours a day, which is why one of the simplest and most effective moving hacks is to declutter your home before you even pack a single box. The simplest way to eliminate clutter and save space in your moving truck is to separate all your belongings into three distinct categories:


As a simple rule, only keep items that will serve you in your new home. If you have not touched, used, operated, or even remembered that an item was in your home for the last six to 12 months, you do not need to put that piece of clothing, jewelry, or gadget into a moving box.


Any items that are not stained, damaged, or broken should either be sold or donated to a local charity, such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Don’t forget to ask an associate for a donation receipt for tax purposes.

tossToss Out or Recycle

If anything is damaged, ripped, torn, stained, or simply does not work, the item should either be thrown away or recycled. You can take unwanted and broken electronics to a local recycling center. Check with your city or municipality about how to properly dispose of old paint, car batteries, appliances, or any other bulk items that cannot be thrown into your garage can.

Host a Well Planned Yard Sale to Get Rid of Unwanted Items And Make a Little Extra Cash!

You have a massive pile of stuff that you want to sell but simply don’t want to spend all your free time listing the items on eBay or Facebook Marketplace. Hosting a garage sale is the quickest and most inexpensive way to make some extra cash for your moving costs while getting rid of unwanted stuff.

Here are a few simple and straightforward tips to help you plan a successful yard sale:

sell fastPrice Your Stuff to Sell Fast

A great way to determine how to price your stuff, from your old coffee maker to baby clothes and jewelry, is to visit other local yard sales. Use these prices as a guide to help you price your belongings. Don’t be afraid to haggle with your neighbors to get rid of your stuff too!

neighborsAsk Your Neighbors to Host a Neighborhood Sale

Hosting a neighborhood sale is a great way to connect with your neighbors before you move. More people will visit your sale if several sales are clumped in one area.

advertise saleAdvertise Your Sale

Get creative when advertising your sale. In addition to posting ads in the local paper, on Facebook, and on Craigslist, get your kids involved in creating fun and colorful signs. Post these signs throughout the neighborhood strategically, such as near main roads.

packing checklist
Put your plans down on paper and everything will feel easier

Create a Packing Checklist

Packing in an organized manner is the easiest way to avoid chaos and ensure that the packing process is completed as quickly as possible. Every homeowner is different, so creating a packing checklist that works for you is essential.

For example, you might prefer starting with the attic and working your way down to the basement. Another homeowner might instead pack each room individually. Whatever the case, create a simple checklist to help you stay organized while packing clothes, stuffed animals, and other fragile items.

Several websites offer free, printable packing checklists that will help you stay on task. You can create your own unique packing checklist and give one to each household member. Whatever method you choose, one of the best packing tips is to ensure everyone sticks to the index and knows their role in the packing process.

packing together
Segment your packing time each day and you wont feel exhausted!

Set a Timer to Pack For a Short Period Each Day

Let’s face it: Packing can be very dull. There will be several times when you will need to motivate, bribe, or even force your kids and spouse or partner to pack moving boxes. A great way to make packing less of a chore is to set a timer and try to fill as many boxes as possible before time runs out.

For example, set a timer for 20 to 30 minutes each day. Make sure that you are rested and not trying to pack after performing a lot of chores, grocery shopping, or any other time when your family members will not be as motivated to pack boxes. If your family is able to stick to your packing schedule, reward everyone with a special treat!

protect your fragiles
Protect your fragiles with lots of paper!

Put your Linens, Towels, and Toilet Paper Good Use

Instead of spending a small fortune on bubble wrap or packing paper, repurpose your bath towels, dish towels, sheets, or even toilet paper and toilet paper rolls to protect fragile items. For example, you can wrap fragile items or pack glasses in dish towels. Fold your hand towels or bath towels and shove them into the empty space in boxes to prevent damage during the moving process.

Wrap sharp objects with toilet paper or paper towels to prevent the edges from breaking through the cardboard boxes. You can even wrap some more oversized items, such as electronics or even a piece of artwork, in your shower curtain!

Another of the best packing tips out there is to place a single paper plate between each of your breakable dinner plates. Paper plates are an inexpensive way to add a little cushion between the plates to prevent them from breaking while in transport.

Invite your friends to assist and throw a good time!

Organize a Packing Party

One of the simplest and best packing tips for moving also happens to be a fun way for you and your kids to say goodbye to friends, neighbors, and family: organize a packing party! Grab some moving boxes, craft a charcuterie board, pack a cooler with soda, and ask your loved ones to pack up your home.

Allowing your kids to spend some time with their friends will also hopefully help make the moving process a bit easier too!

packing boxes
Packing properly can truly be an artform!

The Art of Packing Moving Boxes

You might be very surprised to learn that there is actually a right and wrong way to pack a moving box. Packing the right way will help ensure that the boxes are not overweight, are proportioned, and you can maximize every square inch in each moving box. Here are a few ways you can properly pack each and every moving box:

roll clothesRoll Your Clothing

Rolling clothing instead of folding is a great way to maximize every square inch inside each moving box. Securing the end of the clothing with a piece of tape and stacking the clothing are two great ways to prevent the pants, shirts, or hoodies from unrolling inside the box.

pack larger items firstPack Larger Items at the Bottom of the Box

An easy way to ensure you don’t overload boxes and to fit as many items as possible into each box is to place bigger items at the bottom. Stack smaller objects on top and seal the package. If there is any space inside the corners of the box, pack the empty area with balled-up packing paper or paper toweling.

This will ensure the weight is evenly distributed inside the box and that they are easier to carry and put on the moving truck.

wrapping paperWrap Each Item Individually

To prevent damaging anything inside the box, and to ensure every inch inside the box is stuffed to distribute the weight evenly, always wrap each item individually with bubble wrap, newspaper, or packing paper.

packing tapeNever Skimp on the Tape

Secure each seam on the box with at least two to three pieces of heavy-duty packing tape. If you are going to splurge on any item, purchase the best quality packing tape you can find. This will ensure that even if you accidentally drop the moving box, the contents inside will be as protected and safe as possible.

Utilize a Color Coded System For Each Room of Your Home

One of the biggest challenges of moving is staying organized. Luckily, there is a very simple way to ensure that all your boxes remain organized and that each and every box, tote, and plastic bag winds up in the correct room in your new house: a color-coded system.

For example, only use red tape and a red permanent marker for your kitchen boxes. Blue can be the color you assign to your master bedroom and bathroom. Your daughter’s room could be marked with pink and your son’s with green.

Another cool technique you can utilize is to take pictures of everything in each box. Print out the photos and attach them to the corresponding box or bin. This is a fun extra way to ensure you don’t accidentally put the box in the wrong room in your new home or apartment.

essentials moving box
Pack a box of the most vital things you will need to tie yourself over while the movers arrive

Create a Box of Must Have Items For Your New House or Apartment

In the chaos of moving, planning for that first day and night in your new apartment or house is essential. You want to ensure that you, your partner, and your kids are comfortable and have everything you need without digging through moving boxes. Save time and create a separate box or laundry basket filled with “must-haves” for the entire family, including:

  • Blankets
  • Snacks
  • Toiletries
  • Paper towel and toilet paper
  • Medications
  • Movies and books
  • A pillow and blanket for each member of the family
  • A coffee pot and coffee!

Do not put this box or bin in the moving truck; instead, bring it with you in your car.

storage unit
Renting a storage unit can help clear out your house for showroom condition!

Rent a Temporary Storage Unit

As the final days of packing approach, it is easy to become overwhelmed by all the boxes stacked up in your bedroom, living areas, and hallways. Instead of tripping over boxes, rent storage space to temporarily house your boxes, furniture, electronics, or other bulk items.

At Hercules Movers & Packers, we are your one-stop shop for all your moving and storage unit needs. In addition to providing you with expert commercial, local, and long-distance moving services, we can also help you find the ideal storage unit for your bulky furniture and heavy boxes.

Invest in Vacuum Seal Bags

The best way to save boxes is to invest in vacuum seal bags. These bags are the ideal way to pack and store your kid’s stuffed animals, blankets, quilts, throw pillows, bulky sweaters, coats and jackets, and other bulky items that take up unnecessary space in large boxes.

All you will need is the vacuum seal bags and a vacuum with a hose. Fill the bags as full as possible and attach the hose to the bag’s nozzle and suck out all the excess air. You will be glad you took this extra step when you are not trying to fit bulky blankets, throw pillows, and teddy bears into massive boxes!

10 More Quick and Simple Packing Hacks and Moving Tips

Ready to save money and time on packing up all your stuff? Here are nine simple and helpful tips to help you pack like a pro:

garbage bagPack Your Hanging Clothes in Garbage Bags

Instead of taking all your hanging clothes off the hangers and placing them into boxes, save time by storing your dresses, coats, and other hanging items in a trash bag. Cut a hole at the end of the trash bag and slip it over the hangers. You can now put these items in a wardrobe box or right into the moving truck.

egg cartonPack Jewelry and Other Light Items in Egg Cartons

Have a few empty egg cartons lying around? Place jewelry, small breakables, and other items that require some extra protection in unwanted egg cartons. Prevent the breakables from becoming damaged and the jewelry from tangling by filling the empty spaces with packing paper or paper towel.

rugged sofa removalPrevent Back and Knee Injuries With Furniture Straps

One of the best of the best moving tips is also a great way to prevent injury: Invest in furniture straps. Otherwise known as moving straps or furniture-lifting straps, these straps are slipped under heavy pieces of furniture or appliances and used to distribute the item’s weight during moving.

plastic sealed bagsPurchase Multiple Sealable Plastic Bags

If you are disassembling any furniture, purchasing several sealable plastic bags is the best way to prevent any small pieces, bits, and screws from becoming lost. Put the screws and instructions into the bags and label them. This will make the process of reassembling furniture and other electronics much easier when you unpack and organize your new property.

heavy boxPacked Boxes Should Never Weigh More Than 40 to 50 Pounds

As a rule and a simple way to prevent injury, never allow your boxes to weigh more than 40 to 50 pounds. If you aren’t sure, the easiest way to avoid overfilling boxes and making them difficult to lift is to pull out a bathroom scale and weigh the boxes as you go.

packing servicesPurge and Pack While Your Kids Are at School

Moving can be a massive change for your kids, and for many, it can be tricky for them to part with their stuff. As a parent, the easiest way to prevent a meltdown and to ensure you don’t bring all your kids’ unwanted and broken toys to their new bedroom is to purge and pack with your kids are at school.

dresserSecure Packed Dresser Drawers With Plastic Wrap

Want to know a neat packing trick that will save you a massive amount of time and hassle? Instead of emptying out all the dresser drawers throughout your home, keep the items inside and secure everything with plastic wrap. If you have a smaller dresser or nightstand, you can also wrap the drawers shut, protecting everything inside and saving you a lot of money on moving boxes.

original boxWhenever possible, Pack Items In Their Original Box

Imagine this scenario: You have arrived at your new house and are desperate for a cup of coffee. Your kids are screaming for bacon and pancakes, and you don’t have time to dig through all your boxes generically marked “kitchen.” A great way to save time digging through seemingly endless boxes is to store anything you can, from televisions to small appliances, in their original boxes.

keep doors openKeep the Doors Propped Open on Moving Day

This might seem like common sense, but it is critical that when moving day arrives, and you are carrying heavy boxes to the front lawn, the last thing you want is to have the doors shut and locked behind you! Make sure that the doors are open and unlocked throughout the entire process to help avoid an unnecessary disaster.

research movers
Always research your movers before selecting one!

Research Moving Companies Near You

The most important way for you to prevent unnecessary packing and moving chaos is to choose the right local moving company that understands your family’s unique needs. Here are a few quick and simple tips to help you find the best moving provider for you:

ask friendsAsk Your Loved Ones for Recommendations on Local and Long-Distance Moving Companies

Your friends and family are the best sources of information about almost any subject- including finding the right moving provider. Go ahead and ask them about their experiences. Did the cross-country movers arrive on time? Was the moving team professional? How much did they pay for the movers? What services did the movers offer? Gathering the most information possible will help you make a more informed decision about your candidates.

bbbCheck The Better Business Bureau Website

In addition to scouring popular rating websites, the best source of information on moving companies is the Better Business Bureau, or BBB, website. The BBB is an independent organization that provides grades for businesses and services. In addition to a grade, the website also features complaints and reviews of providers – and if the company took any steps to satisfy the customers.

ask questionsAsk the Right Questions

Gather at least three to four moving quotes, and while you are talking with a representative from the company, ask the right questions, including:

  • How many years have you been in business?
  • What type of insurance do you carry?
  • Do you transport specialty items, including bulky furniture, pianos, or pool tables?
  • Do you have a cancellation policy?
  • How can I save money on my moving costs?

A reputable long-distance moving company will not only be glad to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote on all your moving costs but will also be transparent about their policies and rates.

hercules movers and packers
Give Hercules a call today, and let us pack for you!

Hire the Professionals at Hercules Movers & Packers to Pack For You!

Ready to start the moving process? Contact the fantastic team at Hercules Movers & Packers. We are a full-service moving company that can help you tackle the most challenging part of moving: packing! Our team offers comprehensive packing services and will provide all the packing materials, from boxes and bubble wrap to packing tape and furniture dollies.

Hercules Movers & Packers also offers custom crates services, which are ideal if you are moving bulky, fragile items that can quickly become damaged, including:

  • Artwork
  • Glass tabletops
  • Mirrors
  • Large television
  • Pinball and arcade games
  • Antiques
  • Pool tables
  • Piano

In addition to packing all your boxes, our team will arrive at your new apartment or house and unpack the boxes for you!

An Amazing Moving Company With Years of Experience

With several years of experience serving our amazing customers throughout the Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio area, we offer comprehensive long-distance, local, and commercial moving services. Our goal is to create 100% customer satisfaction – and we will always work tirelessly to completely ensure that your moving experience is as simple and stress-free as possible.

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“I was planning an interstate move from Galveston, TX, to San Diego, CA. I had a massive, five-bedroom house and was downsizing to a two-bedroom apartment. The team at Hercules understood my concerns and helped me through the entire process, from packing to moving and unpacking. They are a great team and the most affordable movers in Texas.” – Jenny T

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“Between work, school, and the kids, I had no extra time to pack. A neighbor recommended Hercules Movers & Packers, and I am so glad I listened. The packing team came to my home and helped me pack up all my stuff in one week. The process was inexpensive, straightforward, and took a lot of stress off my plate. Thanks, Hercules team!” – Rachel D

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“I needed a full-service moving company that could handle all the details of my commercial relocation. I got several quotes from moving companies, but Hercules was by far the best. The crew was very professional, and I was able to move my office space in a few days. If you want to save a whole lot of time and money, contact Hercules Movers & Packers.” – Maria D

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“Before I could even start packing, I needed to hire professional junk removal services. I wanted a company that could help me haul away my junk and offer packing services, self-storage, and inexpensively move me from Houston to Dallas. Hercules Movers & Packers offered all those services and so much more!” – June C

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“I have had several terrible experiences with moving companies in the past. I had movers who took my money and never showed up. Another moving company broke my brand new television. A friend recommended Hercules Movers. The team arrived on time and ready to work. They took extra care with all my breakables and were friendly and professional through every step of the process.” – Helena K

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