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Let's Face It...Some Moving Companies Don't Care About You.

When you’re moving, the last thing you need is for your movers to cancel on you at the last minute.

Unfortunately, this is what could happen to you if you hire movers who you may not have adequately vetted.

You have already packed up all your belongings and are just waiting for the movers to show up. But then, you get the call from them telling you that they were canceling on you.

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This can be frustrating, especially if you had already taken the day off from work and had arranged for friends to help you move.

It’s a stressful situation, and you’d be forgiven for not knowing what to do. You decide you have to call emergency movers at the last minute, which you’re sure will end up leaving a dent in your finances.

Why Do Movers Cancel?

Some companies will avoid responsibility for completing the local move, or they may not have enough staff. You should exercise caution if your company cancels at the last minute or the same day due to no fault on your part and you could be stranded with weeks remaining on a lease contract, abandoned furniture, and/or other financial commitments.

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Understaffed and Overworked

If you discover that the moving service you hired is understaffed and overworked, then this could be a sign that you should not hire them. It may also mean they are juggling so many different appointments on any given day.

You can check whether this is accurate by simply asking moving companies how many moves they have scheduled for the same day in the same truck as yours.

Erroneous Quote

Your moving coordinator may have grossly underestimated the size of your home or how many items you have. It’s also possible they may not be aware of any notably bulky and heavy pieces of furniture that would require more time, energy, and human resources to move them.

When the company arrives on the move date, the crew may face a lot more time and work ahead of them than they expected with not enough storage room in the truck. This would impact the schedule of other clients’ pickups on that moving day.

You should take extra precautions to confirm the number of movers and specify the services required before committing to a contract with a particular company, especially if it’s far away.

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The Wrong Truck Is Assigned To You

That piano may have been the deciding factor when the movers assigned you to a truck with no proper equipment.

A piano can weigh hundreds of pounds, which means that it needs heavy lifting skills. More importantly, this information may not have been passed onto the local movers, and your moving truck did not come fitted with a hydraulic lift.

Bigger is Better

Many long-distance movers care only about the bottom line rather than the actual move. An entire house relocation, with complete packing, will appear more desirable than your 2-bed apartment.

If a more lucrative long-distance move falls into their lap just before your moving date and promises a multiple of the amount of money you were paying, the movers may bail on you with little or same day notice and go to the other assignment. They could save money while you’re scrambling for emergency movers and temporary storage options.

You Live Too Far Away From The Movers

There are many cheap local moving companies and long-distance movers in the market, but the location could be a problem for you if your move is located too far away from their base of operations.

Some may cancel your relocation at the last minute because they’re too busy with more local clients. Others may charge you more moving costs than you expected or not do an excellent job packing your belongings.

For example, if you hire movers services from Corpus Christi, TX (not the most centralized area of Texas), the movers find themselves too busy in Houston or San Antonio. Your moving contract will be the first on the chopping block to save time, and you’ll be forced to look for last-minute moving or even same-day movers depending on the short notice given to you.

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The Other Reasons

You may require a last-minute move for other factors. Some customers need to use last-minute movers or same-day movers because they are escaping an abusive relationship and need to find same-day movers quickly.

They may be scared of their partner or spouse and need to get away as soon as possible. Other customers may have a new job and need to relocate at the last minute with short notice movers.

Some customers may be students who are moving out to a college over state lines for the first time and did not realize how expensive it would be to get everything they needed for school. So short notice movers will be in their future, especially if their college materials require more packing than they can manage!

Others may also need to move quickly if their landlord decides to increase the rent unexpectedly or wants their property back for personal use. Last-minute professionals with packing skills for same-day moving will prove essential.

How To Avoid The Scenario of Looking For Same Day Movers

When looking for a mover, it’s important to do your research. Unfortunately, not all companies are created equal.

That’s why it’s important to peruse reviews before you choose a moving carrier and see if they have a history of offering emergency moving services at the last minute. It would help if you also asked friends and family for recommendations. And, if possible, try to get estimates from multiple companies and secure as many flat-rate pricing quotes as you can (half a dozen should do it) so that you can compare prices.

Without doing proper diligence, you run the risk of higher fuel costs and inconvenience when moving day comes around. If an emergency strikes, then you may have no option other than to hire short notice/same-day movers.

So, before signing a contract with movers, you should research more about their reputation and talk to past customers to find out if they arrived on time and completed the job.

If your move is not planned out effectively in advance, you are more likely to end up hiring emergency movers because something went wrong.

This can be a massive problem if you’ve already scheduled everything to accommodate the move day and time that your company confirmed with you. If you need an emergency long-distance or local mover, then Hercules Movers is available to help.

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Our Recommendations

The right local movers and long-distance movers will take their time to understand your needs. Only after they determine that the company is well equipped to handle your furniture removals thoroughly will they recommend their essential service to you.

When choosing movers, it’s essential to ensure that they will not cancel on you last minute. Customers taking extra precautions will save themselves from overpriced same-day moving services. Featured below are some useful tips to help make sure you are choosing a reputable company:

Check the company’s reviews online.

When it comes crunch time to hire local movers, research is crucial so you can avoid the pitfall of needing last-minute movers at short notice. By reading reviews of long-distance moving companies, you can avoid being scammed by a fraudulent business, or worse, being forced to hire a same-day moving company.

It’s important to remember that not all reviews are legitimate, so be sure to do your research as well. Look for reviews from consumers who have used the company’s services firsthand, and be sure to ask around for recommendations.

Ultimately, taking the time to do your research will save you both money and stress in the long run.

Ask your family and friends for recommended movers.

When it comes to hiring trusted movers, you’ll find that many of your friends and family members have used them in the past. It can be helpful to inquire with friends and family if they have any recommendations for long-distance moving companies with a last-minute emergency moving experience.

It is even more important to ask if they had any bad experiences with movers that would deter you from hiring them and leave you calling around for last-minute moving services. Remember, many companies offer excellent services, but you need to do your research first and see if the movers have a history of canceling with same-day notice.

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Make sure the company is insured and licensed.

You may also want to request copies of the company’s insurance and licensing documents to ensure they are in good standing. Most companies that are even remotely professional will willingly oblige this request from customers.

Make sure they have adequate liability coverage, as well as worker’s compensation to protect both you and the employees during the move, whether you’re looking for same-day moving or next-day movers.

Get a written free moving quote from the company before hiring them.

One of the best ways to ensure that you’re hiring a reputable mover for your long-distance move is by getting multiple free quotes for how much your long-distance moving costs will amount to.

By having at least three estimates from various companies, the odds of customers being forced to scramble for a same-day moving company significantly reduced.

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Read the fine print carefully.

If you think you don’t have time to read the movers’ written policy, make the time! It is particularly vital that you ask plenty of concise questions about the movers’ procedures before hiring them for your moving services.

Customers should ask what exactly falls within the scope of work performed by movers and what does not. You must know exactly what the moving company will and won’t do and ensure that your rights are protected. This is important if the mover pulls out at the last minute, so you don’t end up stuck at a dead-end and require last-minute moving.

By taking these safety precautions, you can make sure that you avoid last-minute movers find the best movers that will help make your relocation as smooth as possible, whether it’s a local move or cross state lines.

Hercules Are The Last Minute Movers For You

Many clients face scenarios where they require a last-minute move or emergency moving if their initial choice of movers pull out on the same day. Hercules Moving & Storage is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable last-minute move that will help you get your belongings moved as same-day or next-day movers. We understand that sometimes things come up at the last minute, and that’s why we’re always available to help you get your move done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Whether it’s a same day move

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