How Much Will It Cost To Use Movers In Texas?

How Much Do Movers Cost In Texas?

The cost of hiring professional movers in Texas can vary depending on some factors. The most significant factor is typically the distance that needs to be traveled. Other important variables to consider include the size and weight of your belongings and any special services that may be required.

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On average, hiring professional movers in Texas will cost somewhere between $3,000 and $12,000. However, the expenses can be much higher if you have a lot of belongings or require special services. For instance, if you need to move a piano or other large piece of furniture, you may be looking at a bill of $500 or more.

How Do Moving Companies Determine Cost Of Moving

One of the more critical aspects to contemplate when moving long-distance is the cost. This can vary greatly depending on the company you choose, the size and weight of your shipment, and even the time of year.

Most moving companies will either opt to charge by weight or by cubic feet. They will also have a minimum fee, usually based on the size of your home. The larger and heavier your shipment, the more it will cost.

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Movers Charging By Weight

Many moving companies charge according to weight, leading to customers being charged unfairly. For example, if a customer has a lot of solid, heavier furniture, they may be charged more than someone with the same amount of furniture but is made of lighter, cheaper material. This can be unfair and lead to customers being overcharged for their move.

In addition, the actual weight of your shipment will only be determined once the long-distance movers load up your items and go to a truck weighing station. If there are any major discrepancies in the weight and you are no longer satisfied, you may face a steep labor fee by the movers for unloading your belongings back into your house.

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Movers Charging By Volume

A few moving companies charge according to the volume of your goods. This is usually better than charging by weight because it is more accurate. For example, if you are moving a lot of books, they will take up more space than a TV. Charging by weight can be inaccurate and cause you to pay more than you should.

Fixed dimensions of household items do not fluctuate as quickly as weight. For example, a King Size bed frame will usually always have the measurements of every other King Sized bed. However, the frame’s weight may vary tremendously depending on the materials used. This can result in a weight-based moving company charging you a needlessly excessive amount for an item.

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What Is The Cost Of Pods VS Movers?

What Is A Pod and What Is A Mover?

Pods and movers both have their own unique benefits and drawbacks. Pods are a self-storage system where you can store your belongings in a locked container on or off-site.

Some view pods as an option for people who are moving, downsizing, or remodeling because they can keep their belongings in a pod until they are ready to move them into their new home or office.

On the other hand, Movers are a professional moving company that will arrive at your home and pack up your possessions for you, then transport them to your new location.

Why Hiring Movers Is Better Than Pods

Hiring professional movers is always the better option when moving. They have the experience and know-how to handle your belongings with care, minimizing damage and ensuring a smooth move. Plus, if something goes wrong, they are liable for any damages. With pod companies, you are responsible for any damage that may occur.

Think Before You Decide On A Pod

When you are comparing the cost of pods vs. movers, it is vital to consider the value of your belongings. You may feel a pod if you are moving across town with a very limited load or if you have inexpensive furniture and do not mind any wear and tear risks. If you have valuable antiques or other items that would be difficult to replace, it will make more sense to use a professional mover rather than a pod.

Also, if you are simply moving a few pieces of furniture and some boxes of personal belongings, movers will still be the better option since they will know how to stack everything for transit.

The bottom line when considering moving costs is that if you have valuable items that you want to keep safe during transport, it will be worth the extra expense to use a professional mover. If you are moving some furniture and boxes, then pods may be the better option since they are cheaper and can be stored on your own property. No matter what your decision is, make sure to do your research.

What Moving Services Do You Need

Full-Service VS Self-Service

There are a wide range of moving services that you can choose from when moving, each with its own cost implications. The most common type of service is the full-service move, where the movers will cover all the loading and unloading services and the logistics.

This is usually the least cost-effective option, but it can be worth it if you don’t have the time, energy, or ability to undertake it yourself.

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Another option is the self-service move, where you pack everything up yourself, and then the movers transport it to your new home. This can be a cheaper option, but it can also be more work and is usually harder to source since many movers are in the full-service business.

Full Packing Service

When moving, many people choose to do all the packing themselves in order to save money. While this can be cheaper, it also tends to be much more work. A full packing service offered by movers can be a great way to take some of the hassle out of the move.

Movers who offer a full packing service will come to your home and carefully pack up all of your belongings, labeling each box so that you can easily find what you need when you arrive at your new home. This can be an excellent solution for clients who have many belongings or are short on time.

Packing services can vary in price, so be sure to get a few quotes before deciding which company to use since this will determine how much your Texas movers will charge.

What Time Of Year Are You Moving?

The time of year will affect the cost of your move because different times of year have different prices for services. For example, relocations during the summer will be more expensive because there is more demand for services. Moves during the winter will be cheaper because there is less demand for services.

It is more cost-effective to hire movers several months in advance of your move before the prices change. Hiring movers during the summer will be more expensive because there is more demand for services. However, if you hire movers several months in advance, you can get a better price and ensure that your date is available.

Not-To-Exceed Moving Quotes

A not-to-exceed quote from a moving company is the best way to guarantee you will not pay more than the stated price. By getting a quote from the company in advance and telling them that you will not pay more than that amount, you are ensuring that you will not be taken advantage of. In addition, getting a quote from the company in writing is essential so that you have a physical document to refer to if there are any issues later on.

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Get a Binding Quote For Your Move

Arrange An In-Home Inspection From Your Mover

Movers will only be willing to offer a binding estimate if they are allowed to visit your home and carry out a personal inspection of your household goods. This is because they need to be sure that they are quoting the right price for the job, as it can be challenging to give an accurate estimate without knowing the specific details of what needs to be moved.

If you are not able to allow the movers to visit your home, you may be able to get a non-binding estimate over the phone or online. However, remember that these estimates are often less accurate than binding estimates and may cost you more in the long run.


When planning a move, there are many factors to consider in order to keep costs down. One important factor is choosing the right Texas movers. By researching and comparing quotes, you can find movers that fit your budget. Additionally, there are many ways to manage the cost of moving, including packing yourself and utilizing storage space.

To get the most accurate cross-country moving quote possible, be sure to have the movers come to your home to carry out an in-person estimate. This way, they can see exactly what needs to be moved and give you a more accurate price. If you decide to pack yourself, use quality materials and pack items securely to avoid damage during the move.

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