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When the time comes to move, many people automatically think of long-distance movers. While these Houston, TX movers can be beneficial in transporting your belongings across the country, they’re not the only ones who can help make your relocation a stress-free success.

Professionally trained movers are just as valuable to your local move as long-distance movers are, and you should consider using their services if you’re relocating within your state or region.

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Local Moving Companies

Local movers have a lot to offer their clients. First and foremost, their moving services are typically much more affordable than long-distance movers and offer the same packing services.

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They also have knowledgeable staff, learned of the Houston area in which they operate, so they can assist you finding the best places to live and work.

And as a Houston, TX moving company, we know the roads and highways of the area, so we can make your relocation a lot easier by offering our services as drivers.

Houston Movers By The Hour

Local Houston movers charge for the hour. Movers operating long-distance charge by how far you go. It is easier for customers to know their costs with these movers because they know how many hours the moving team will make moving your goods.

How Much Does A Local Move in Houston Cost?

Itemizing Your Moving Quote

When it comes to the hours moving companies quote on their service estimate, it can be broken down into the following:

itemize your moving list
Start organizing!

Labor Time

This is essentially the time spent with the movers in their presence which usually makes up most of the movie. When the truck arrives at your front door, labor time begins.

Our professional team of moving specialists will get to work with packing materials, blankets, and moving pads. The furniture will be prepared for moving by our efficient team before being loaded into the truck, along with any boxes you have.

moving by labor cost

After everything is loaded, this will be followed by a final walk-through carried out at your old address to ensure that nothing was left behind and our packing services have been completed.

Once all items are accounted for, our moving team will then move toward the location of your home or business, where they’ll begin unloading your furniture and belongings into your new home, apartment, or storage unit.

When our moving pros are back on the truck, and our business has concluded, this is when labor time comes to an end.

Travel Time

Travel time is the process that frames labor time. Basically, from the moment our team of professional movers departs our facility in their truck until they reach your pickup address.

At this point, travel time is paused, and labor time – that period when our moving services come into play – begins.

pay for moving truck travel time

Travel time recommences once our moving service is complete and the truck leaves your new home en-route back to our facility.

Houston moving companies charge for travel time because of the fuel and labor time spent going to and from your old and new location, respectively. We are dedicated solely to your move, and our movers never consolidate multiple moving services for different clients.

Strength in Numbers

How Many Movers?

The number of movers assigned really depends on the size of your move. Houston movers who service local moves will assign the appropriate number of movers to your move based on the volume of goods in your home and/or office.

This is done to ensure that the service estimate you receive at the beginning of your moving services will be accurate. If we had more movers than necessary on your move, this means that some labor time will need to be subtracted from your bill once all items are accounted for.

long distance movers
How many movers do you need?

Number of Stops

The number of stops is self-explanatory. But it does not mean that we charge for each break our movers take despite how many times they need to enter and exit their truck.

If you require our movers to pick up from or deliver to multiple spots in the Houston area, your moving coordinator in our office will factor in the labor time moving from one place to another. Our movers will then charge for labor time accordingly.

moving truck stops
Two stops for loading.


All Houston movers ought to utilize their own assets rather than subcontract, but sadly, a great many do not. Hercules guarantees excellent service and an extremely professional moving experience because you can be assured that each of our trucks belongs to us and is not a rental. This is one of the top reasons just why we’re one of the best movers in Houston, TX!

We make use of state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that all your furniture is safe and secure while our movers are carrying out their moving services.

From hydraulic lifts in each truck to fully licensed truck drivers, our team of professionals work hard each and every day providing our clients with the utmost quality in moving services.

Manage Your Finances With A Local Moving Company

The affordability of local movers shouldn’t be overlooked. While long-distance moving companies typically charge a fee based on your shipment’s overall size or weight, a local moving company will charge you by the hour.

The benefit of this price structure is that you are only paying for the time that you need. Our professional team of great movers will service your local move in a timely manner and ensure that your moving experience is memorable.

Protection From Highball Bids

Part of having a stress-free experience with a professional moving company is knowing that you won’t be susceptible to hidden fees or excess charges.

One such charge is paying for more hours than you require. Any BBB accredited Houston moving company competing for your business should be offering you an honest quote, not lining their own pockets with your money.

Professional Movers in Houston, TX – Family Owned Company Getting the Job Done!

At Hercules Moving and Storage, our local labor rates are adjusted to reflect the moving process’s time and nothing more.

For example, if we quote you three hours for labor, but we spend less on labor service time, your quote will be adjusted upon delivery at your delivery location. This way, we can look after all your moving needs and keep your expenses under control. All part of the service!

Payment Upon Delivery

As a Houston moving company seeking to both perform an awesome job as well as seeking your business for your next move in the future, we operate under a professional payment structure:

Step One: Deposit

A deposit to the value of one hour is paid upfront to the moving coordinator at the office. This payment can be carried out over the phone via credit/debit card and is deducted from your total balance. This is the only payment you will be required to make by our company prior to your move date.

deposit for moving

Step Two: Balance at Delivery

Upon arrival at your new home or apartment, our movers will calculate the time they have been on the clock and provide you with a final balance.

In this case, if we have completed two hours of labor service but three were originally quoted, your final payment will only reflect the cost of the adjusted quote. This means that you will pay nothing more than what was required for moving your belongings.

Apartment Movers in Houston

Hercules movers are experts in local moves and can assist you with your move if you are moving apartments in the same building. They can help you get your belongings from your old apartment to your new one and will make the move as smooth and easy as possible.

Our team of movers will expertly wrap up and blanket all of your furniture for your move within the same area. We understand that safety is our top priority for your belongings, so we take every precaution necessary to ensure a smooth move.

From furniture wrapping to padding and securing each piece, our team will ensure a wonderful experience.

Office Moves & Commercial Moves in Houston

Your Workplace On The Move

Hercules Moving and Storage is proud to offer local office moving services to our customers in the area. When it pertains to relocating your office, we understand that you need a company with movers that you can trust to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

That’s why our team of professional movers will service areas all over Houston, TX, work tirelessly making sure that your move will go smoothly from start to finish.

Office Move, Home TLC

Hercules will prepare and protect office furniture just as diligently as those at home. Office equipment is essential and expensive, and Hercules wants to ensure that their Houston clients’ belongings are well cared for.

Desks, office chairs, filing cabinets, bookcases can be expensive, so it’s essential to make sure proper packing job is performed so they can be moved quickly while being protected from scratches, dings, and other damages.

A Little About Our Professional Movers!

Texas Movers, Texas Quality

Hercules is a fully licensed, bonded, insured mover here in Texas. We have been servicing local moves in Houston, TX, for over a decade. They are a trusted and reliable Houston, TX company, with a fleet of trucks and a crew of experienced movers.

Hercules can handle it safely and efficiently whether you’re moving down the street or across town. Our team of great movers will perform any job, from moving belongings out of one room into another or across Houston to your new family home. Plus, our rates are always competitive!

Price Matching Guarantee

Hercules has a strict meet-and-beat policy regarding price matching against competing Houston movers. If customers can find a lower price for the same product at a competing store, Hercules will match that price.

This policy ensures that customers always get the best possible deal when shopping at Hercules.

moving prices

Check Out The Best Moving Company in Houston’s reviews.

Felicia A.

moving servcies review“I was pleased with the job Hercules performed helping me with the packing and relocating of my new furniture out of storage and into my new home on the other side of Houston, TX.

They arrived on time, were able to help me get everything moved in a timely manner, and their prices were very reasonable. I would heartily recommend these services to anyone looking for relocation assistance. Good job, guys!”

Soraya S.

houston movers review“After looking up several Houston movers, I came across Hercules. A friend of mine in San Antonio recommended them, and they’re based in Houston, so I gave them a call. These great movers did a tremendous job with my family’s move across Houston, TX.

They were very prompt, efficient, and careful with our things on time. I would always recommend them for anyone looking for a reliable Houston moving company.”

Darwin T.

best movers in houston“I needed to get some of my possessions out of storage here in Houston, TX, following a breakup. I was in a bind and need of help immediately.

I called Hercules since I had used them in an out-of-state move out of Houston and again during an intrastate move to San Antonio. They were able to send over someone right away who knew precisely how to get me taken care of fast. They provided me with the best service any Houston moving company has ever offered me, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. The entire move went well!”

Simon McC.

moving companies reviews“I found Hercules Movers through a Google search for a mover in Houston, TX, and was immediately impressed with their website. It was clear that they are a professional Houston mover with a lot of experience relocating offices. I contacted them to get a quote, and they were very responsive, providing me with a detailed estimate within minutes.

The moving process went very smoothly. The team got here on time and they worked swiftly and efficiently to get my office moved across Houston. They were very professional and polite the entire time. I would recommend Hercules Movers to anyone looking for a reliable, professional Houston mover. Great service!”

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