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I Have Far Too Much Storage Space...Said No One Ever

Moving services may not be the only service you require when relocating. When moving long-distance, it’s important to plan where you will store your belongings. You may need to acquire a storage unit to hold your extra furniture, clothes, and other items.

Sourcing businesses for these services can be a cost-effective way to keep your belongings safe while you’re in the process of moving out of Houston, TX.

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What Scenarios Could Result In Requiring Storage Solutions?

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There could be any number of important reasons for needing to store your Houston, Texas belongings while you’re moving into your new location. Your moving process may be hampered by the possibility that your new home is not ready to move into immediately. This could be for any number of the following reasons:


The seller of your new abode has become lackadaisical and has not finalized the paperwork before you need to leave your house/apartment in Houston, TX.

Taking A Relocation From Your Relocation!

You and your family are taking a well-deserved vacation after leaving Houston, TX, but before your relocation gets underway.

Unreliable Movers

You may have hired other Houston movers initially, but, for whatever reason, they withdrew their services at the last minute, thus leaving you in the lurch and throwing your moving schedule into chaos.

Company Relocation

You may be under a corporate relocation, and your office has acquired your temporary accommodation in your new city while you search for permanent digs.

You certainly don’t want all of your household goods moved into a dwelling you have no attachment with, only to look for local movers in a few weeks when you need to move again.


Sometimes military personnel is mobilized and shipped out of state to their new duty station. In the absence of a spouse/partner, you have nobody else to watch your worldly belongings while you go on long-term deployment.

Go For A Drive

You may decide to opt-out of flying to your new location and turn your moving experience into an enjoyable, long-distance road trip out of Houston, TX. Depending on your travel itinerary, this could add a week or two to your personal relocation.

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Hercules Moving Services Has Storage Solutions For You

Hercules Movers is the moving company that has you covered if you need a storage facility. With our 30,000 sq. ft. storage facility, we can accommodate your needs – no matter how big or small they may be.

Plus, our team of highly professional movers can help you with every step of the moving and storage process, from packing to loading to unloading into our facility.

Professional Houston Movers Always Offer Storage!

Storage of your precious cargo is a service that all moving companies in the Greater Houston Area (from Sugar Land to The Woodlands and all points in between) should offer in their quoted price to you.

If a mover in the State of Texas does not mention this service in their free quote, ask them if they have extra storage to spare? Let this be a crucial factor when deciding on the best moving company for your business.

Storage is what we do best. Our team of moving professionals knows how to protect customers’ household goods here in Texas while also getting you through the process as quickly, quickly, and painlessly as possible.

Climate Control – Putting The Chill On Your Precious Cargo

Our storage facility is climate-controlled, which helps to protect your wooden furniture from the heat, cold, and humidity. This is important because it can help preserve the quality and condition of customers’ belongings.

In Houston, TX, the heat and humidity can ravish even the hardiest of items. In a storage unit that is not climate controlled, you run the risk of your belongings becoming too hot or cold, which could cause damage to your furniture and even render it susceptible to pestilence such as woodworm.

Protected from Damage

A top-notch climate-controlled storage facility can help protect your furniture from these changes, which can improve the longevity of your belongings.

So, whether it’s your kids’ study table or a family heirloom, you deserve a Houston mover who will serve you the most efficient storage solutions and do a fantastic job in the process!

Security For Your Goods

We have heavy-duty security for our storage unit, with 24/7 video surveillance on the premises. You can feel secure that your goods are safe and sound.

The staff of Hercules Moving Services will be fully responsible for the security of your items within our storage facility.

Your household goods will be tagged and stored by our hard-working moving crew in an efficient manner that identifies what crate they are located in for your convenience.

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Licensed, Bonded, Insured

Hercules has a comprehensive insurance policy that covers your belongings while they are in our storage facility. This policy will protect your property in the event of any damage or loss.

We also have full liability insurance for the moving and storage process to protect you from accidents or incidents. Our moving company crew are highly trained and extremely professional movers. We never leave a customer until the job is done, and they are delighted with the condition of their stuff upon arrival at their new house.

Moving Company Storage FAQ

When you downsize or need to store extra furniture during a move, it’s essential to find the right storage company. Below we have featured some common concerns and questions people have about storage:

What is the difference between climate-controlled and standard storage?

Behind the obvious answer – that climate-controlled storage maintains a steady temperature, humidity and protects your goods from pests – is a complicated science.

Say goodbye to hot and cold spots; we’ll do an excellent job retaining the quality of your belongings and fighting deterioration with our local-based climate-controlled storage.

Are you a moving company that rents storage units from a third party?

Absolutely not. While this is common among some Houston movers (and moving companies in general), Hercules Moving Services will handle storage service on your behalf.

We are utilizing our own climate-controlled storage facility located here in Houston, TX. This ensures that all of your belongings are kept safe and secure under the watch of our company throughout the duration of time they are stored.

If you’re shopping around for movers, make sure your mover offers direct storage services here in Houston!

What are the benefits of using Houston movers who offer storage solutions?

This can be a great service to avail of simply for convenience’s sake. If storing your goods is inevitable before moving to your new home, you are faced with two choices:

  • Choose a BBB accredited Houston moving company with warehousing services available to you, knowing that your stuff will be in the efficient hands of a team of professionals who will look after the business of packing and storing your items.
  • Source your own facility in your destination city. Our professional movers will service the delivery of your goods into this facility in the same manner as when we made the pick-up in Houston.

If I get my own unit, does this mean I will need to find different movers to help me when my new house/apartment is ready?

Sadly, yes. Our crew will do the job of delivering to your storage facility; however, this will signal the end of our long-distance business with you.

Due to the busy schedule, it’s extremely rare for long-distance moving companies to return to your destination city upon request and service what is now essentially a local move.

To this end, you will require a local mover to serve the next move from the unit to your new place.

Can I store perishables in your storage facility?

No, perishables are not allowed in the units due to health reasons. As well, this is not in keeping with our insurance policy. We ask that you do not request that our movers undertake packing any perishable items for the relocation.

I suddenly realized I needed storage at the last minute! Will you have room to store my belongings on short notice?

Never fear. We anticipate emergencies like this and keep a certain number of units open on our moving day. Every year we set aside 10% of the total space in our climate-controlled facility to be held for last-minute emergency warehousing.

This means that even if it’s a few hours before your scheduled pick-up, you can still store your assets under a watchful eye.

Will my stuff be sitting exposed in a big old warehouse?

Not at all. Once we complete the job of packing and loading your goods out of your home, we return to our facility here in Houston, TX.

Our local moving crew will unload your shipment (already secured in bubble wrap and blanketing) into our warehouse. Here we’ll begin the business of packing your belongings into our hardwood crates. We have a full range of heavy-duty containers to suit every sized move.

Your personalized crates will remain here in our Houston facility until you are ready for our team of hard workers to service your things into our trucks for the long-distance leg of the service.

Is the option of storage included in my free moving estimate?

Yes, it’s all part of our service as a Better Business Bureau accredited moving business. All reputable Houston, TX movers willing to service your relocation should include storage as part of their fair price to you.

How can I be sure that my possessions won’t be inadvertently shipped elsewhere?

Whether you’re relocating within Houston, elsewhere in Texas, or out of state, our movers treat each customer’s business with the same degree of care & respect.

Each crate will be numbered, tagged, and tracked to ensure nothing is latched onto another moving job!

We’re aware that there are some important pieces of equipment or favorite personal items that you wish us to service with extra care for certain clients. If this is the case, request it be noted on your moving estimate to ensure these item/s are identified as ‘special’ during the packing process.

Do you offer storage for international moving?

We offer warehousing for any client who needs it. However, Hercules Movers do not undertake international moving. Provided you have secured your own logistical solutions for this; there’s no problem!

I just realized the movers took something which I need with me. Can I come to your facility and pick it up?

Of course. This is not a unique situation, and you’re more than welcome to visit our Houston office. Our movers will retrieve the item for you. For Covid security measures, please call our office at least 24 hours ahead of time. Our phone number is 888-605-5709.

Check Out Our Consumer Reviews

Laura M.Laura M.

“I used a Hercules Movers out of Houston, TX for my move to San Antonio since they offered good storage; it was a great experience. The movers performed an awesome job moving my belongings into the warehouse, and the service area was clean and well-maintained. I would highly recommend this mover for anyone who needs to store their belongings.”

Mary P.Mary P.

“Hercules Movers offered excellent service while moving my office from Houston to San Antonio. From the time I called to receive all of my belongings safely in storage, they took care of everything. The movers that delivered into the warehouse were polite and very careful with my stuff.”

Jessica H.Jessica H.

“I chose Hercules Movers because it was recommended by a friend who had used their service for their first move out of Texas. They were very professional throughout the entire moving process and made me feel confident that they would handle my things with care. The team who came to my home provided excellent customer service, packing all of my goods properly into their moving crates.”

Paul W.Paul W.

“I called Hercules Movers of Houston TX after reading the reviews of the best Texas moving businesses online. I was lucky enough to get them for my move, and it could not have gone better.”

Jason S.Jason S.

“The team did a fantastic job, used floor coverings, took care of every item, and was very thorough in wrapping and packing. Thank you, Hercules Movers! I’d recommend this mover to anyone requiring moving and storage within Texas or across the country”

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