Where would you live in Texas?

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Lovingly known as the Lone Star State, Texas is such a massive state that if it were its own country, Texas would be the 40th largest country in the world. With all of the fantastic places to call home, chances are you are having trouble determining which major metropolis or small city to start your new adventure.

Here is information about some of the fantastic places you can live in Texas and a simple guide to help you make a final decision.

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Dallas, Texas

One of the most spectacular places to live in Texas, Dallas is so massive that it is the ninth largest city in the United States and the third largest metropolitan area in the state. Dallas is situated in North Texas, and because of the city’s close proximity to another major city in Texas, Fort Worth, the two cities are often synonymous with one another and home of the Texas Rangers baseball team.

Cost of Living

Local data about the cost of living in Dallas might surprise you because, unfortunately, the average cost of living in Dallas is around 4% higher than the national average and a whopping 13% higher than the rest of Texas.

It is really that surprising that the cost of living is this high, considering this is a common occurrence in big cities across the country, including in Texas. The median household income in Dallas is $54,747, which ison parr with the national average.

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Moving to Dallas, TX

Additionally, the cost of other essential goods and services is higher in Dallas than in other parts of the state, including the cost of utilities, food, and healthcare. However, the cost of transportation is lower in Dallas than in other cities in Texas.

Several large manufacturers have factories in north Texas, which means there are several job opportunities available in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Young professionals are flocking to Dallas because of the ample job opportunities.

Average Cost of Rent/Home Costs

Everything is bigger in Texas; and unfortunately, in the case of Dallas, the rent is more significant than in other parts of the state. The average person can expect to pay around $1,568 in rent. The median housing price in Dallas is $397,399.

If the prices seem high, remember that you are paying big city prices in order to enjoy extensive big city amenities in downtown Dallas.

Best Schools

There are a whopping 920 schools in the Dallas metro area. This includes 417 public elementary schools and 156 public high schools. With all of these schools in the city limits, it can feel overwhelming trying to determine the best school for your bashful little one or strong-willed teenager.

When it comes to high schools, there are several top choices, including the prestigious School of Business Management and the School for the Talented and Gifted.

Best Neighborhoods

Dallas is certainly one of the best cities in Texas, and this is because of the city’s unique neighborhoods. If you want a small-town feel while still being able to enjoy the amenities that come with big city living, including amazing coffee shops, nightlife, and restaurants, Prestonwood is an excellent option.

Known for its reasonable house prices, excellent public schools, and low crime rates, Prestonwood is a very sought-after neighborhood in the Dallas metro area. Another great option in the area is the beautiful suburb of Trophy Club, Texas!

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Fort Worth, Texas

Another fantastic city in North Texas, Fort Worth is known for its great rodeos and unforgettable live music scene and the Fort Worth Zoo, the home of several beautiful flamingos. Known for its thriving Hispanic culture and fantastic employment opportunities, Fort Worth is more than just a prosperous suburb outside of Dallas.

Cost of Living

The average living cost for one person in Fort Worth is around $1,908. A family of four can expect to spend approximately $4,561. Unlike other Texas cities, the living costs in Fort Worth is actually lower than the average, 4% lower, to be exact.

However, when you break down all the numbers, you can still expect to pay more for some necessary goods and services, including utilities, than other large Texan cities.

Average Cost of Rent/Home Costs

The average cost of rent in Fort Worth, Texas, is comparable with other Texas cities. The average renter can expect to pay $1,423 a month for a modest apartment in the metro area. The average home prices in Fort Worth are slightly less than in nearby Dallas. The average cost of a house in Fort Worth is $329,047.

The median household income in the Fort Worth area is $65,356, which is well above the average, and another famous nearby Texan city: is Dallas.

Best Schools

Much like Dallas, there are several excellent schools to choose from in Fort Worth, Texas. The metro area boasts an impressive number of public schools and private schools, including 263 elementary schools and 94 high schools.

Some of the best schools in Fort Worth include Tanglewood Elementary School, Eagle Mountain Elementary School, and the Young Woman’s Leadership Academy.

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Best Neighborhoods

Known as one of the top safest cities in Texas, you will not have any problem finding a fantastic neighborhood to call home. Many residents live in the downtown area because it is such a cultural melting pot and boasts some of the most outstanding nightlife and restaurants in the city.

If you would rather live in an area with a quieter, more down-to-earth feel, consider calling Far South, Far Northwest, or Arlington Heights home.

San Antonio, Texas

A city that is known for the historical monument of the Texas revolution, the Alamo, the San Antonio Spurs, and very low crime rates, the area is a fantastic place to spend hot summers with your friends and family. However, while it is a great place to visit and catch a basketball game, should young professionals call San Antonio, Texas, home?

Cost of Living

San Antonio, Texas, is a very financially reasonable city in Texas to call home. The cost of living in the city is 8% below the national average. Additionally, you can expect to spend an impressive 18% less on rent, 10% less on groceries, and 11% less on utilities than other comparable cities in Texas, including the Dallas Fort Worth area.

The low median household income in San Antonio is a very respectable $53,420, which is only slightly below the national average.

Average Cost of Rent/Home Costs

Many young professionals are quickly flocking to the area because the rent is so reasonable, especially when you compare it to other major Texas cities. The average person moving to San Antonio will pay approximately $1,281 each month. The median housing price in San Antonio, Texas, is $345,114 and is rising at an average rate of 19% per year.

Best Schools

San Antonio, Texas, is known for its top-rated schools, and because it is the safest city in the area, it would make sense for a family with school-aged children to call San Antonio home.

There are several amazing public and private schools to choose from in the area, 1,138 to be exact. The city boasts a whopping 487 elementary schools and 173 public high schools in the metro area. The city is also the home to several universities and colleges, including the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Best Neighborhoods

If you want to live in Texas and are considering this area, there are several excellent neighborhoods to choose from. This is because this area could be viewed as the safest city in Texas. Some of the top neighborhoods include Beacon Hill, King William, Tobin Hill, and North Central.

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El Paso, Texas

A Texas city that is synonymous with the Lone Star State itself, El Paso, Texas, is surprisingly known for all of its haunted tours and as a place that the notorious outlaw Billy the Kid once called home. El Paso isn’t the largest city in Texas, but you will feel like you are living in a central metro area that is tucked into a small town.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in El Paso, Texas, is very reasonable and is an impressive 10% less than the average cost of living in the rest of America. Housing is very reasonable in El Paso, and you can expect to pay 30% less on your rent than in some cities in the Lone Star State.

The median household income in this Texas city is a modest $43,332, which is less than the Texas average of $54,727. Some of the hottest employment sectors in the area include healthcare, education, and retail.

Average Cost of Rent/Home Costs

If you want an outstanding place to call home in Texas that is also affordable, look no further than El Paso. The average rent in the area is only $978. If you would rather rent a home, you will only need to pay around $1,671 each month. The median housing price in the area is $203,290.

Best Schools

There are several exceptional schools to choose from in this town that is considered one of the best cities in Texas. Among these schools include the top-rated Mission Early College High School and the Silva Health Magnet High School. The city is also home to the University of Texas and Southwest Career College.

Best Neighborhoods

The crime rates in the city are very low, which is why you won’t have any trouble finding an amazing neighborhood in the metro area to call home. Some of the best include Castner Heights, Mesa Hills, and North Hills.

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Corpus Christi, Texas

A place where spring breakers flock every year, Corpus Christi provides you with a taste of island life on the mainland. Known for its unique Southern culture and because the city is only a hop, skip, and jump from an amazing island on the Southernmost tip of Texas, South Padre Island, there are many ways to enjoy a day in a cowboy hat.

Cost of Living

The median household income in Corpus Christi is $57,387. The average cost of living in the area is $1,514 for a single person, and for a family of four, the cost of living is around $3,395, making it one of the most expensive cities in Texas.

Luckily, although the overall cost of living in the area is expensive, you can still expect to pay approximately 6% less for rent and 13% less for groceries than in other comparable cities.

Average Cost of Rent/Home Costs

The average rent for a modestly sized apartment in this area is around $1,149 per month, which is on par with rent in cities of similar size in Texas.

The typical home value in Corpus Christi is $219 190. You can expect to spend around $280,000 for your next home in the area if you decide to move to what is arguably the fastest-growing city in the area.

Best Schools

Corpus Christi, Texas, has some of the most top-rated schools in the entire state and Southern Texas. Amongst these schools are Calallen Wood River Elementary School, Smith Elementary School, and London High School. The area is also home to Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and Del Mar College.

Best Neighborhoods

If you want to live in Texas, and in this amazing southern area specifically, you want to ensure the neighborhood you and your family call home are both safe and near amazing shopping, culture, performing arts, and restaurants.

Some of the top neighborhoods in this city include Central city, Flour Bluff, and Calallen.

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Houston, Texas

What is arguably the fastest growing city in Texas and is the home of countless tributes in southern culture, a historic river walk, and a historic jazz festival? Houston, Texas, is an amazing city in Harris County and the biggest city in the greater Houston metro area.

Houston could be the right place for you and your family, one of the biggest cities in Texas too. Let’s consider the variables:

Cost of Living

When you do not factor in the cost of rent, which will be discussed later, the average cost of living for one single person in Houston is around $800. For a family of four, the cost is $2,900. The median household income in this amazing area is $53,600.

Houston’s overall cost of living is 6% less than the average cost throughout America. You can expect to pay 18% less for housing and 4% less for groceries than other comparable city in Texas and the United States.

Average Cost of Rent/Home Costs

The median housing price for a modest home in Houston is $272,473. The average cost for a new home in Houston is nearly $400,000, which is much higher than in recent years. As far as rent, a family or single person can expect to pay $1,304 each month.

If you want to live in Texas and in Houston specifically, you will often pay more in rent than other comparable cities in other states.

Best Schools

There are several amazing public and private schools, as well as top-notch colleges and universities in Houston. Among them are DeBakey High School for Health Professions, Carnegie Vanguard High School, and Challenge Early College High School.

The University of Houston, Rice University, and Texas Southern University are just a handful of outstanding schools in this amazing city.

Best Neighborhoods

Houston is full of many of the unique neighborhoods in all of Texas. If you want to enjoy the low crime rates in some of Houston’s top neighborhoods. The typical home value is high in some of these areas; however, you will get several amazing amenities and great neighbors if you choose Midtown, Memorial, Montrose, or River Oaks.

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New Braunfels, Texas

One of the best cities and fastest growing metropolitan areas in all of Texas, New Braunfels was established in 1845 and is known as one of the most historical places to visit in the state. The site is filled with museums, shopping, restaurants, and live music venues.

If romance is something that piques your interest, New Braunfels is filled with wineries and quiet bistros where you can spend a quiet afternoon gazing into your spouse’s eyes.

Cost of Living

The average cost of living for a swinging single is $1,663. For a family of four, get ready to spend around $3,895 for rent, utilities, groceries, and other incidentals.

The overall living costs in the area are 8% less than the average costs across America. As far as utilities and groceries, get ready to spend 4% to 6%, respectively.

The median household income is a very impressive $71,274, which is well above what a household can expect to earn every year.

Average Cost of Rent/Home Costs

This is a beautiful area of Texas, which is why you will pay slightly more for rent. On average, expect to pay approximately $1,503 each month. The typical home value of a property in the city is an impressive $423,267. These prices might seem steep, but because New Braunfels has such a high average household income, you will be able to afford the slightly higher average housing costs.

Best Schools

If you want to live in Texas, and in this area specifically, you will have several special school districts to choose from. There are a total of 69 schools in the city, including the highly rated Hoffman Lane Elementary School, County Line Elementary School, and Alamo Colleges – Memorial Early, Co.

New Braunfels is technically a suburb of San Antonio, which means you can enjoy that city’s amazing school district and universities, as well.

Best Neighborhoods

Finally, if you are ready to pack up and move to New Braunfels, there are several notable neighborhoods to choose from. Far and away, River Chase is an amazing place for you to raise a family. Highland Grove, Manor Creek, and Pecan Crossing are other beautiful choices.

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Austin, Texas

If you want to live in Texas but still want to feel like you are living in a truly unique city, then look no further than Austin, Texas. Dubbed the “Live Music Capital” of the country, Austin is located in central Texas and the only city in these United States to have a unique blend of rock-solid political movements, music, restaurants, shopping, and an amazing river walk.

Cost of Living

The city of Austin is one of the fastest growing in the entire state. However, despite all of this growth, the cost of living in Austin is very reasonable. As a matter of fact, it is much lower than several of the other major cities in Texas.

For instance, the cost of utilities is 12% lower than the rest of the country, and the cost of transportation is also much less than in other big cities in America.

Additionally, the median household income in Austin is an impressive $80,954, which is much higher than in Texas and the rest of the United States. If you want to find an amazing place to live in Texas, you cannot go wrong with calling Austin home.

Average Cost of Rent/Home Costs

Many people who decide to live in Texas, and in Austin specifically, can expect to pay around $1,826, which is much higher than cities of comparable size in Texas and the rest of the country. In addition to higher rental costs, the median housing price in Austin is $649,900.

This number has risen around 16% over the last few years and, unfortunately, is expected to keep growing.

Best Schools

If you choose to live in Texas, you want to ensure that the school system is competitive with other areas. In Austin, there are several amazing school districts to choose from. The city boasts 750 total schools, with 329 public elementary schools and 109 public high schools.

If you are college bound and want to bask in the unusual energy of Austin, you can choose from St. Edward’s University, Huston-Tillotson University, and Concordia University, Texas.

Best Neighborhoods

There is any number of great neighborhoods in Austin to call home, including the downtown area, Cherrywood, and North Loop. However, if you want to truly want to enjoy all the metropolitan amenities of Austin and enjoy more peaceful family life, look into the suburb of Round Rock.

Round Rock is an amazing little town that is known for its museums, art scene, many festivals, and scenic views.

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Where Do People Live in Texas?

There is just seriously no getting around the fact that Texas is huge, and with all the amazing cities and small towns to choose from, it can be challenging to make a final decision. In addition to the cities discussed, there are also cities along the Mexican border, including Eagle Pass, Laredo, and El Paso.

Fort Hood military base is also located in Texas, just outside Killeen, Texas. Killeen has a population of 153,095 people and is known for its family-friendly atmosphere and, thanks to the military base, a booming economy.

If you want to live by the sea, along a slow-moving river, or are thinking about retiring, you can find an ideal location to call home almost anywhere in Texas. The Texas Hill Country is known for its temperate climate and is a place that retirees are flocking to.

The Rio Grande Valley on the shores of the Rio Grande is known for its exotic and amazing wildlife, beautiful weather, and abundant citrus groves.

If you are heading to colleges, there are several universities and community colleges found throughout Texas. This includes Baylor University, Southern Methodist University, the University of Houston, Texas Tech University, and Rice University.

If you are a university student or simply a kid at heart, there are several attractions across the state to spend a few hours, or let’s be realistic, a few days.

This includes Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Space Center Houston, the Houston Museum of Natural Science, and of course, AT&T Stadium, the home of the Dallas Cowboys!

Is Texas a Good Place to Live?

Now that you have read the facts and weighed your option, chances are you have one final question: Is Texas a Good Place to Call Home? The answer is a straightforward one: Yes! Texas is a very diverse, massive state where you can find a safe place to raise a family or a fun place to spend an afternoon.

If you are a young person looking for a top-rate college or university or a recent graduate looking for a new job opportunity, there are several places that you can explore. For families with young children, there are many cities with low crime rates, excellent school systems, and affordable housing prices.

Finally, if you are an empty nester ready to retire, the weather combined with the restaurants, museums, bars, and nightlife make Texas somewhere to buy a new house or condominium.

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