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At Hercules, we have years of experience handling fine art and antiques. Our fine art moving team takes special care to ensure that your paintings arrive at your new location and are damage-free. We worked with museums, private buyers, sellers, and auction houses over the last decade.

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Fine Art

As fine art has become more commonplace in homes, the need for fine art moving services also increased. Fine art is often one of the most valuable and fragile fine works in their homes. It’s important when moving fine art that it be moved by professionals who know how to handle it properly.

Fine Art Moving

There is only one chance for your fragile items to be moved correctly with fine art. If something happens on the way from Point A to Point B, even a tiny bump can damage your precious cargo. You’ve invested a lot into these works of art, so make sure they are handled with care.

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Crating Fine Art

Your fine art movers will work closely with our customers to ensure that your fine art is carefully packed for shipping. We use custom crates exclusively designed just for your items and monitor them very closely throughout the whole move.

Our movers take the time to carefully measure each valuable art piece to create the perfect customized crate for your precious items. Whether you’re moving a single piece of fine art or an entire collection, Hercules Movers will ensure, throughout the relocation, that your artwork arrives safe and sound at its destination.

Cardboard Frames

If you’re in the market for art moving services, it’s crucial to consider Hercules. Not only do our movers offer hard crate services, but they also offer soft crate services for your artwork. This is an option if you’re looking for a more inexpensive way to transport artwork.

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Wood VS Cardboard


Wooden crates are seen as the more professional and secure way to move art, as they are less likely to damage the pieces. However, they can be more expensive and difficult to transport, as they are heavier and take up more space.

Wooden crates are best suited to:

  • Sculptures/Antiques made of granite, marble, or other variety of rock
  • Paintings valued at $1000 or higher
  • Private collectors pieces
  • Art donated to museums

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Cardboard crates are a more affordable option and can be easily disposed of or recycled after use. We will bubble wrap each art piece before we box it up for that extra layer of security.

However, they are not quite as long-lasting or sturdy as wooden crates and can quickly become damaged if not handled with care.

Cardboard crates are best suited to:

  • Less expensive artwork (less than $1000)
  • Sculptures/Antiques made of brass, iron, or other variety of metal
  • Lamps and other glass and fragile pieces

Our company relocation coordinators will help customers come to the best solution for packing each art piece in terms of price and security. Whatever the decision, our movers will take the utmost care to protect your artwork throughout the process!

What To Expect In Your Free Quote From Fine Art Movers

Transparency Is Key

When it comes to moving your art collection, it’s important to get a transparent and free-moving quote from fine art movers in Houston, TX. This will ensure you can avoid being charged over the odds for the moving service and know the cost included in the transport of your artwork.

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The Right Movers For The Right Moving Process

Additionally, it’s important to choose a reputable art moving company with a good track record of transporting art with all the right tools. You can rest assured that your art collection will be moved with care.

Arrange An In-Home Inspection

Hercules Movers has a company of in-home estimators who will survey and measure everything in precise detail to get you a fixed price for packing your fine artwork.

We understand each piece is unique and needs to be treated with the utmost care. Our team will create a custom packing plan ensuring your art is transported safely and securely.

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Loading and Storage

Your Single Point Of Contact!

Hercules Movers takes pride in our ability to pack and load fine art. We have our professional moving teams specially trained in packing and handling delicate items. We don’t subcontract this job to inferior movers; you can ensure that your art moving process across the country or locally will be executed with the best care.

Storage Solutions

Hercules fine art movers help you store your artwork in our climate-controlled facility in Houston before it’s ready for transport to your destination. Our crates are designed to protect artwork from damage, and our climate-controlled facility will keep your artwork safe from weather conditions.

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Security For Your Fine Art

Track and Trace

Each art box is marked with a unique identifier and tracked with bar codes. The bar code is scanned at each transit point, so the art is accounted for. A description of the contents of each box is included. For example, glass items will be marked accordingly.

Air Ride Suspension

ARS is a technology that uses compressed air to form a cushion between the truck and the load. This helps absorb shocks and keep your cargo safe.

Art Movers Reviews!

Jethro T.Jethro T. – Houston, TX

“I was nervous about having my new World Art gallery shipped from the auction houses to my home. I was in good hands with Hercules Movers. They were professional and made sure my artwork arrived safely. I was delighted with their service and recommend them to anyone needing help relocating art.”

tully bTully B. – Houston, TX

“I was donating art pieces to museums and needed a mover that could handle the work. Hercules Movers offered the best solutions and were able to transport the art without damage.”

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