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Music and sound play a huge part in our customers’ home lives, and having pianos and organs in one’s home is no longer a luxury for the super-wealthy.

Whether it’s an organ, an upright piano or spinet, baby grand piano, or grand piano, moving these instruments to your new house will matter as much as moving a sofa.

People often need a piano move as part of their relocation, whether to Austin or Albany. Pianos are large and delicate instruments that require heavy lifting experience from fully licensed, professional moving companies with their own truck.

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From Grand Pianos to Upright – Care is Key

Moving pianos require special care and handling, whether moving from one room to another, storing pianos or to another street address, so hiring a professional piano moving company is crucial if you need to relocate one.

Finding the Right Service for Your Piano Move

Trusted piano movers like Hercules offer a wide range of services, from basic truck transport to full-service moves that include packing and unpacking the piano. We can also provide suitable piano storage options if you’re not able to take it with you to your new home.

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Piano Storage

Hercules movers offer a full range of piano moving options, including the crating and storage of pianos. Our climate-controlled facility will keep your piano in perfect condition, whether you’re moving it across town or the country. We also have experts on standby who can help you with all your moving needs, from packing to loading to unloading.

Preparing Your Piano

Our professional movers will create your piano on a moving day in soft crating materials to protect it during transport. We use high-quality packaging materials to ensure that your piano arrives safely at its destination.

This all takes place in the same room where we find your piano, so there are no worries of our guys scratching anything!

Our team of professionals will then begin the job of moving your piano smoothly out of the house and into our moving truck. Our hydraulic lifts will ensure your piano is moved into the truck as safely as possible.

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Grand Piano

Baby grands can be moved by just about any mover. However, grand pianos are too large and delicate to be moved by anyone other than a professional piano mover.

Our team of piano moving specialists have the experience and equipment necessary to transport these instruments without causing any damage safely.

Grand pianos can weigh hundreds of pounds, so they must be handled carefully. Piano movers use special dollies and ramps to get the instrument from one location to another, and they take great care to avoid any bumps or sudden movements.

If you need to move a grand piano, it is best to call in the professionals. Rest assured, we will look after your piano as if it were our own.

Pianos and the City

Moving pianos within a city is often a more challenging service than moving from one state to another. Downtown areas are congested, making it trickier for our guys to drive large trucks full of pianos to our customers.

Not every piano moving company is up to the task or will raise the cost of your move for the service.

It’s no easy task, but our piano moving team is well-versed in navigating busy city streets and will get your piano to its destination quickly, safely, and efficiently. We specialize in moving pianos through congested urban areas into service elevators, so you’re able to sit back and chill while we carry out the work smoothly.

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Tips for Moving Piano’s Out of Apartments

  • Piano moving from anywhere other than the ground floor will require the use of a service elevator, which you must reserve with building management ahead of time.
  • Clear a path for our movers! Apartments can be cramped places, but by removing as many obstacles between your piano and the front door, our movers will be able to avoid any damage
  • Please notify our office staff of your whereabouts in the apartment. If there are multiple entrances, you want to ensure your piano gets into our trucks with as little distance as possible. Our movers will then park at the nearest location to your apartment, which will lower the cost of a potential “long carry” charge.

Don’t Forget Insurance!

It is essential to purchase full value coverage for the relocation of your piano. When you are moving your piano, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your piano will be covered if it gets damaged.

Full value coverage will ensure that your piano is protected during the move, and you won’t have to worry about any potential damages.

Regarding full value insurance, customers have three choices:

From our Company

You can opt to include full insurance as part of your free estimate. We will provide you with an all-inclusive quote that provides for piano moving, insurance premiums, and crating services.

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From Your Home Owners insurance Provider

Many insurance policies include full value coverage for your piano as part of your package. When you call, ask them about the terms of your plan and if they cover full value claims.

It’s important to ask if your policy also allows for your piano to be moved in a truck by a third-party (our movers). The occasional insurance business may disapprove of anyone.

From a Third Party Insurance Provider

If you opt-out of our all-inclusive quote and choose to purchase insurance from another party, please make sure that the terms of your agreement include full value coverage for pianos.

Moving Insurance LLC is a company that provides moving insurance for full value coverage. It is one of the best companies in terms of reasonable price and service.

The company has provided excellent and courteous customer service by ensuring that all the customers are delighted with the services they have received. They are also one of the leading affordable companies for moving insurance and will fight to offer you the best price for coverage.

Piano Moving Services Reviews

Melissa K.Melissa K.

“If you require a professional, reliable, and affordable piano movers, look no further than Hercules Movers. Their free quote was very transparent. They did a fantastic job of safely transporting my baby grand piano from the third floor of my old home to my place in Austin, TX – even taking the time to carefully wrap it in blankets and secure it to the moving truck. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the movers’ service and would recommend their business to anyone in need of a piano move. Amazing job, Hercules Movers!”

Janos L.Janos L.

“I was extremely pleased with the free quote for my piano and organs move I received from Hercules Movers and Storage. The movers operated in a professional, pleasant, and efficient manner to move my piano. The great price was also reasonable. I didn’t know they specialized in organ moving, which was a bonus. Overall, I’d refer them to anyone looking for a piano moving business. Phone them today!”

Charlene S.Charlene S.

“Hercules did a sound job! The movers were able to move my piano quickly and easily after my piano tuning specialists could not assist in the move. The piano moving process was smooth, and I was thrilled with the results. Even their truck was clean! I would recommend you contact these movers.”

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