What Do Most Office Movers in Houston Charge Per Hour?

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Business owners throughout Houston, Texas, know how competitive and fast-paced the marketplace is, and this means everyone involved in the company’s daily operations has a lot on their plates.

Putting energy into your work opportunities is a large part of maintaining a successful business, so when you prepare to move to a new office, warehouse, or storefront, you likely want to get things done as fast as possible.

This can only be completed easily with the help of local moving companies in Houston.

However, evaluating the moving cost is another factor in the mix that is just as critical to a seamless experience and transition to the new place!

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Evaluating What Your Movers Cost Vs. What Your Movers Are Worth

It isn’t always simple to put a price point on a commercial moving company in Houston, at least not until you know what those moving companies can provide you or how one moving company sets itself apart from the others.

The Bayou City is a massive metro area stretching over 655 square miles, so many local Houston movers are vying for the opportunity.

This doesn’t mean every one of them offers quality services or the right hourly rate to suit the needs of your business, so exploring average moving costs can provide an accurate understanding of who to book.

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2 Types of Office Moving Cost by Moving Companies in Houston

There are a couple of different ways to evaluate the final cost of your move in Houston, TX, and not all moving services will calculate things precisely the same.

Office movers will generally provide hourly rates or a flat rate cost, both of which are provided according to your needs and will be outlined in your free estimate.

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Flat Rate Cost

Many same-day movers in Houston use a cost determined by a flat rate determined by a virtual or on-site moving estimate.

  • Flat rate costs are predictable and relieve any unexpected moving costs. This option is excellent for long-distance moves to Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio rather than local commercial relocation procedures.
  • It helps to reduce any added stress for business owners during the moving process, and you can focus on settling into the new spot!
  • Since you are not being charged by the hour, your moving crew will work as efficiently as possible to complete the move.

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Hourly Rate Cost

Approaching a commercial move with hourly moving costs is another option within the Houston Metropolitan area.

Your moving cost is calculated per hour according to rates your moving company predetermines.

The typical cost leans solely on the number of movers required to complete your company’s relocation, and the more hours that add up, the higher the costs of your mover.

  • With these moving costs, you pay when Houston movers arrive at your business.
  • You retain more flexibility within your moving services regarding packing, unpacking, furniture disassembly, reassembly, specialized crating, etc.
  • This is the most convenient and sensible option for moving your company locally within Houston.
  • Your movers are motivated to ensure everything is handled with care; they are more likely to take their time while completing the move on time.

With an hourly moving cost, you will see the following average rates for movers in Houston.

  • Three movers may cost around $159 to $199 an hour.
  • Four movers typically impose rates of $209 to $249 per hour.
  • Five movers will cost approximately $259 to $299 an hour.
  • Six movers cost anywhere from $309 to $349 per hour.

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Additional Costs to Consider When Hiring Local Houston Movers

When you begin to unpack movers costs in Houston, Texas, be aware of additional moving supplies and extra fees that can affect the initial prices offered through your moving company.

Even with the best office moving tips and tricks, you can’t get around movers who aren’t upfront about hidden costs, and there are several cost factors to consider!

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Packing Increases Your Moving Costs

Your total moving cost may increase if you need professional packing services or junk removal during the move. Most movers will raise their rates per hour to include these services.

Companies like ours include full packing and unpacking for every office move, utilizing high-quality packing materials and eco-friendly, commercial-grade plastic bins to protect your belongings!

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Storage with Your Moving Company in Houston, TX

Most businesses want a seamless transition from one workplace to another, but not everything always goes as planned.

Your Houston moving company will likely offer on-site storage options; these are charged in the short or long term, and costs will vary significantly depending on the business.

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Things People Also Ask Professional Movers in Houston

What is the most inexpensive day of the week to hire local movers?

There are different weekday and weekend rates, and before you go searching for local movers near me, be aware that the total cost can change significantly on Saturdays.

Most people are off work and hoping to finish things over the weekend, so the total trip charge will be more than on a weekday.

It is also more challenging to schedule with movers in Houston, so try to book off-peak times during the week, Monday through Friday!

office move vs residential move

What is the difference between office relocation services and residential moving services?

Moving a one-bedroom home doesn’t have the exact needs that commercial relocation solutions require.

Commercial moving requires extra services and care as there are additional furniture items, equipment, and larger spaces to cover.

Not all moving companies in Houston have the expertise needed for a smooth move.

Just like when you hire interstate movers for a long-distance move, they are traveling further to get to the final location of your office or studio apartment.

Some differences and some things will remain the same, but your movers will be the determining factor in your experience.

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How will I know that I am booking with the best Houston movers?

It is always a good idea to do your due diligence before hiring and working with any Houston movers, as you entrust your business to them.

Reviewing licensing, insurance, and experience is all a part of the process; it isn’t always about going with the company with the lowest overall cost.

Confirming your moving company and its legitimacy in operating locally is essential before your moving date arrives.

Hercules Movers & Packers are appropriately licensed through the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, insured, and are working with many years of experience to offer premium moving options for your company!

How can I reduce my office relocation cost?

You can always reduce Houston movers cost, as the price is determined by the labor required and how much you will be transporting on the moving truck.

Whether you are moving to Capitol Street or other popular office spaces across the city, focus on any additional costs that may be incurred throughout the process.

  • Set a working budget and share this with your moving company before booking.
  • Donate and get rid of things you no longer need, just as you would with any moving process.
  • Pay attention to the time of year and week you hire movers, as moving costs in Houston, TX, will change according to peak season and weekends.
  • Utilize movers in Houston who offer a free quote, work with your budget, and have extensive experience with commercial moving!

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Hire Movers Near You for an Upfront Price Quote

With Hercules Movers and Packers, you don’t have to focus on the overall cost of your move because our relocation specialists will work tirelessly to offer you a flat rate or a reasonable hourly rate.

Our local moving company in Houston remains committed to completing your commercial move seamlessly, making everything stress-free for yourself and your company!

Remember, relocating an office differs from moving a one-bedroom apartment with two movers!

Contact us to determine how much movers cost in Houston, get a free quote, and gain a fresh start at your final destination and new business location.

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Our Recent Customer Reviews in Houston, TX

personaAn amazing moving company in Houston!

“I needed to move my personal office space off Westheimer Rd, and I asked for South Coast movers rate per hour, but it exceeded my budgeted moving costs.

Luckily, I found Hercules through a friend, and they could offer a full-service move at a fraction of the price!

Alex S. Houston, TX

personaProfessional moving crew for our recent office move!

“This team of Houston movers surpassed all other moving companies in the area with their reasonable rates and professionalism.

They took great care of our office furniture and equipment, and we love the new space!”

Shelly & Mark W. Houston, TX

personaOur movers helped to keep our moving expenses within budget!

“My team and I were on a tight budget and thought about renting a moving van of our own before finding these Houston movers.

The crew had a solid reputation, which they lived up to and surpassed all of our expectations, making the whole process easy!”

Brian & The Team Houston, TX

personaThe perfect team to hire if you are moving locally or long-distance!

“We had consulted with different movers on our off move to Main Street but only found one that had the services required.

The moving team got everything to our final destination quickly and safely!”

Sam L. & The Staff Members Houston, TX

personaThese are the best movers for commercial relocations in Houston, Texas!

“I had previously used the company for a move with my four-bedroom house, so I booked them for our office relocation.

I was even more amazed at their commercial moving abilities and reasonable moving costs!”

Valerie F. Houston, TX

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