Commercial Movers Discuss How to Prepare for an Office Move in Houston

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If you have ever planned a residential move, you already know how involved and stressful the process can be.

Imagine trying to plan a move while also protecting your client’s privacy, relocating heavy furniture and delicate electronics, and maintaining the productivity of your workplace.

Working with the best office movers in Houston is paramount for several reasons, including helping you prep your office space for a move.

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The First Step in Planning a Successful Office Move: Find Amazing Office Movers!

Whether you are outgrowing your office space, or your lease is up, and you don’t want to renegotiate with your current landlord, the first step in planning any successful move is to find a talented team of office movers!

A commercial moving company will not only move your furniture, electronics, and equipment from point A to point B, but they can also help you streamline the moving process.

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Ask for Recommendations from Your Peers

Use your connections to find a new office location and get a lead on a new office space, interior designer, and some tips to create your moving plan.

Read Reviews Online

Check out the reviews on reputable online rating websites, including the Better Business Bureau, Angi, Trustpilot, and Yelp. The experiences of others are a great way to narrow down a search for the ideal Houston moving company to help you relocate from your old office.

Narrow Down Your Options

Use the recommendations from your peers and online reviews to narrow your choices. Ask for free quotes and references from at least three to four commercial moving companies.

Double-check those references and hire a company that works within your budget and timeline and offers all the services you need.

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Contact Your Clients and Inform Your Employees

Break the news of your impending relocation several weeks or months before you pack your first box or start looking for a new location. Continue to communicate with your clients throughout the process and give them a timeline of when you will begin operations at your new offices.

Give Your Team Plenty of Time to Adjust to the Office Move Date

A successful office move is only possible with the help of your talented employees. Give your staff several weeks to adjust to the moving offices, and let them know when to start cleaning and clearing their workspace and when the utilities will be shut off.

Send an Email Blast to Customers and Clientele

Announce your move date and all the details on your company website at least two to three months before the intended move. Assure your clients and customers of any disruptions to your services, and don’t forget to post your new address on your website.

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Tips for Finding a New Office Space in Houston, TX

Of course, one of the most crucial steps of the relocation process is finding a new office space! Start this process while signing a contract with Houston area movers to ensure a seamless transition and minimal disruption to your workflow.

Start Immediately

Begin the process of finding a building or office immediately. The commercial property market in Houston is very competitive, and a new space with a great floor plan in a centralized location won’t remain available for long.

Create a List of “Must Haves” For Your New Office Address

Your next office should exceed your current needs and allow for future growth. Ask the property manager about available amenities, IT integration, and internet connections. Keep the unique needs of your business and industry in mind, as well.

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Consider the Square Footage and a New Office Layout

Determine your needs for the future and choose a new space that will accommodate your employees, increase productivity, and allow you to expand. Use a digital floor planning tool to map out the area and enlist the help of an interior designer to maximize every square inch of the new space.

Work With a Broker, Move Coordinator, or Commercial Real Estate Agent

Several professionals are at your disposal, and several voices must help you find the ideal workspace. A moving coordinator and trade broker can help you narrow down your options, and a real estate agent can assist you with finalizing any details.

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Packing and Prepping for Your Office Move Doesn’t Have to Be a Daunting Task!

An office move doesn’t need to be a stressful experience. Careful planning and working with the best commercial moving companies are your keys to success!

Reduce Stress and Work with a Moving Company That Offers Packing Services

Did it take several days or weeks to pack your personal belongings during a residential relocation? Imagine how long packing and protecting your equipment, office supplies, and electronics will take. Look for a commercial mover that offers complete packing services.

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Dos and Don’ts of Downsizing for an Office Move

Downsizing is a crucial step for several reasons, including cutting down on moving costs and ensuring you aren’t cluttering your new building or space with unnecessary stuff.

Do Recycle or Donate Outdated Equipment

Technology evolves very quickly, and if you have unwanted, broken, or outdated electronics and equipment cluttering your empty conference room or closets, take this opportunity to dispose of the items responsibly.

Don’t Keep Unnecessary Items, Furniture, and Paperwork

Donating and selling unwanted furniture and electronics is a crucial part of your office relocation plan. Certain types of paperwork, including invoices and tax records, do not need to be kept longer than seven years.

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Do Consider Going Paperless

Cut down on your consumption and streamline your office relocation by uploading your vital documents to the cloud. Going paperless saves space, time, and money while increasing productivity and eliminating the need to lug boxes of paperwork to your new location.

Don’t Overlook the Importance of Professional Services – Including Junk Removal!

In addition to working with full-service movers who offer packing and storage, seek assistance from other professionals to plan a successful office relocation.

At Hercules, we offer every service you could possibly require to streamline your office move, including junk removal services

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Visualize a New Office Layout

Planning your layout in advance will help reduce any disruption to your workflow while ensuring your employees feel settled and productive in their new space. Ask the landlord, a representative, or a property manager to provide you with a blueprint.

Several apps and websites are available, including SmartDraw and Miro, to help you create a 3D model of your space, allowing you to maximize efficiency.

Consider Your New Furniture and Equipment Needs

Are you gaining or losing employees, or will the needs of your team change when you relocate? Take this time to refresh your office’s aesthetics by purchasing new desks, chairs, and decorative items.

Let the Team at Hercules Movers & Packers Create an Office Relocation Plan

Are you ready to finalize your office relocation plan and work with the best moving packers in the Houston area? Contact the fantastic team and Hercules Movers & Packers.

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With Proper Planning, Your Productivity Doesn’t Have to Suffer

Moving office chairs, filling boxes, and preparing for a daunting relocation doesn’t have to impact your bottom line. At Hercules, we will work tirelessly to ensure a smooth transition and strive to protect your business productivity.

Preparing For Moving Day

Prepping for the day the moving trucks arrive doesn’t have to be stressful. Let us tackle all the heavy lifting and challenging jobs, allowing you to focus on your employees, clients, and the future of your company.

A Smooth Transition is Possible with the Help of Commercial Moving Companies

With several years of experience assisting our commercial customers throughout Houston, let the team at Hercules help you plan a budget, pack your boxes, secure temporary storage, and take all the necessary steps to prepare for moving day.

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Our Customers Also Ask

How do I prepare my office for moving?

Create a plan, hire a local mover, find a new office, and start contacting customers and employees at least two to three months before the intended move.

What to consider when planning an office move?

Consider the needs of your workers, the square footage of your new space, a new business layout to increase productivity, and the costs associated with planning your business relocation. Hiring a move coordinator is a great way to ensure no mistakes are made and there are no oversights.

office relocation in houston tips

What to do when moving office locations?

Use this opportunity to consider your company’s future and what you want to achieve. Your new location and space should reflect this plan.

Moving can also be stressful, so don’t try to take on this task yourself and hire pros to do all the heavy lifting.

How do you handle an office move?

Never handle an office relocation alone. Seek help from the best pros in their fields, including movers, interior decorators, coordinators, and real estate agents.

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